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9I am lucky to live in the one of the fast pacing city in the world, and everyone here in Hong Kong are so stressful. When everyone around you are under stress, you cannot escape from this stressful atmosphere. BUT you still have a choice to escape from this, to maintain in your own relaxing life. Here're my tips after practicing laughter yoga:

1. When you feel stressful, say hohohahaha in your mind.
This works. (if you willing to continue for around 5-10 minutes) Why hohohahaha works, as this is the laughing sound perceived in your physical body, which help your to increase the relaxing hormones, and let your body and mind feel relax.

2. Not your monkey, not your circus, and set your boundary.
Everything happens might have some reason, but you do not need to absorb the stress from other people. You know what, when people are feeling stress, and they are not aware of this, they will shift this negative emotions to people around them unconsciously. When you are so lucky to be the target from these people, you need to remind yourself this is their stress, not yours.
One time, in a laughing workshop, someone complainted we laughed too loud and affect their work inside their office in the cowork space. The person definitely under stress, and cannot see other options but try to complain to us. We feel sorry for them, but we still have our own boundaries.

3. Walk away from the stressful environment
Sometimes it is much wiser to leave the stressful situation for a while, let you do some laughing exercises or breathing exerecises, let your mind to clam down. When you go back to the same environment, your phsycial chemical already change for better to survive in the environment. Life are easier if you give yourself a break.

Some people is better to live and work with stress, some people are not. However, stress is just something very neutral, while how we percieve stress give the meaning and emotions of the situation. It may be stressful, but we can still laugh and enjoy the process.


Love & Cheers,
Nat Lui