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humming 3 Audio CDs LaunchedHumming Meditation: With so much of negativity in the outside world, one faces a continuous chain of negative thoughts which makes us agitated and restless. One of the objectives of any meditation is to bring down the number of thoughts as less thoughts means less reaction, less agitation and one feels more calm and peaceful. Humming is a great way to break the chain of thoughts and their reactions and help relax the body and mind.

It is a Yogic technique which involves production of certain sounds by closing your mouth and consciously humming into your head. The vibrations produced as a result are very relaxing for facial muscles, head muscles. and also has a lulling effect on the brain cells which is extremely relaxing.

Humming involves deep and slow inhalation followed by prolonged exhalation which slows down the breathing rate significantly. Normally we breathe 15-17 times in a minute but with humming you can bring it down to 4-6 a minute which helps to slow down your heart rate and brings down your stress level.

Benefits of Humming
Apart from relaxation, Humming helps to induce deep sleep without dreams which is considered the best quality of sleep. It also helps those suffering from insomnia and disturbed sleep. It is good for chronic sinusitis as it dislodges the mucus with the sound of the vibrations. It also controls high blood pressure and helps to enhance memory. It brings a self awareness about your work and stimulates the creative part of your brain.

This CD has 2 tracks:

  1. A comprehensive explanation of Humming Meditation.
  2. A practice session with Dr. Kataria set to the beautiful strains of a classical string instrument from India called the “Tanpura”. This will not only help to enhance the effects of this technique, but also keep you motivated to continue humming for a longer period of time.