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2nd Laughter Yoga National Conference Held In JapanThe 2nd Laughter Yoga National Conference recently concluded in Tokyo, Japan was well attended by leaders and teachers from various parts of the country. Dr. Madan Kataria gave the Keynote Speech “A Life Changing Experience” followed by other participants who talked about the growth of Laughter Yoga in the country and the involvement of Laughter clubs in different fields of life.

Laughter professional Koji Tajima talked about “ The Miracle Laughter Yoga Friends” while Nasuko Yamaguchi presented her report on “Surviving Cancer”, an account of how Laughter Yoga helped her cope with the dreadful disease. There was also a report by Chikoto Sakamoto (Enjoy Laughter Yoga Club) on how laughter is a gift from the Universe. Miki Emi (Sendai Laughter Yoga Club) talked about the devastating earthquake that rocked East Japan and how Laughter Yoga helped to meet the crisis in a positive way.

Takuro Matsubara (Ryugasaki Laughter Yoga Club) presented a report on “Laughter Yoga in NPO activity” which is an initiative of a community-based NPO group incorporating Laughter Yoga in its activities. Gen Bando (Nakano Laughter Club) talked about the “Effects of Laughter Yoga on seniors and students” and presented the data from a study of the effects of Laughter Yoga on seniors (particularly their respiratory system) and students (particularly on their mental conditions). Masami Hiroe (Hare-no-kuni Okayama Laughter Yoga Club) read a report on “Laughter Yoga for rich facial expressions” while Yukiko Fukazawa (Showa Laughter Club – Ijan Waraeshi) told participants about her experience of participating in the visits to refuge centers to give the idea to live comfortable poople who affected by the earthquake and the Tsunami.

Shinkichi Eto (Isseki Laughter Yoga Club) presented a report of scientific study on Laughter Yoga in the hospital where he works, and stress release effects on staff whereas Akinori Hamada (Laughter Yoga Club Kobe JRPS group) gave a report of Laughter Yoga activities for visually impaired people and his own experience as a person with visual disability.

A special session on “Smiling face makes people happy” was held by Nariyuki Tsukahara, who is active as a clown, doing lectures and workshops on laughter and humor.

The conference concluded successfully with laughter professionals and all participants going back enriched with the knowledge of different aspects of Laughter Yoga and its enormous benefits. Many proposals to jointly publish books and papers was also made in order to generate more awareness about the concept of laughing for no reason and how it can help to bring laughter and joy into people’s lives.

The 3rd National Conference will be held in Hiroshima on July 21 and 22, 2012.