Exercises That will Make You Happier

I suggest some exercises that will make you happier. Try the ones that you like. You will feel happier. Repeat the exercises that work for you periodically, and you will feel still happier. Have A Beautiful Day! Have a beautiful day. Set aside a free day every month to indulge

A Message from a Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer

A message from Laughter Yoga Leader Jennifer Dear all, I led my 1st Laughter Yoga (LY) session last Sunday at Eagles Nest with the help of another leader, Gooi. Thank you for all the help and all the leaders that had attended, Azlan, Suraya and Guru. A total of about

Life Turning Skills

Gloria Bartusch travelled all the way from Frankfurt to Indore to stay with us as a home guest and learn the life skills of laughter yoga, happiness and well-being. It was an intense week of sharing and caring, learning and teaching, and pouring out our hearts and souls in a

Laughter Revelations

I found myself, this morning, trying to convince my nine year old niece that a few minutes of laughter yoga would help her feel less anxious about her first day at summer camp. With over 10 years experience as a Laughter Coach I was confident that a little nudge of

Life Skills Worth Learning

I share with you some skills that will make your life happier, fulfilling and meaningful: Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where you can laugh for no reason. It combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing. When we laugh, our body generates feel good hormones called endorphins which improve our mood

Skype Laughter for Cancer Survivors

Skype Laughter South Africa, 8pm (GMT+2) Monday to Friday from the comfort of your home Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone can learn to laugh for no reason at all! We don’t need to rely on comedy or jokes. We learn unconditional laughter, connecting with our own innate

To discount or not to discount? That is the exception!

In some countries there is a cultural of haggling and bartering on price. In others there is a culture of tipping. In business there is a culture of negotiating. This is usually dependent on the perceived value of the goods or services that you’re purchasing. The currency of business is

Feedback. How well did I “really”go?

An old business mentor of mine (he was old at the time as well as it being a long time ago) once told me a Business Principle that I’ll never forget. “The customer determines quality”. So if you want to know how good you are (or aren’t) then ask the

Exuberance, Happiness and Serenity

Goa, April 8 and 9, 2016. Locale: exotic – the Lalit golf and spa resort. Team: thirty top officials, including the CEO and the CFO, of one of the busiest airports of India. Objective: goal setting.           Day: one. Time: sunrise. Venue: an exclusive sea beach.

How do I promote myself? The importance of a BIO.

“I’m not very good at self promotion”. This is a consistent message that I get from folks who are either not getting enough business, or don’t know what to do with the business they have got. The usual thing that people say is “Well from a very early age we’re