Laughter Yoga and Cancer

Recently a woman in my laughter club came up to me and thanked me for the laughter club and told me how much it had meant to her. She had breast cancer 1 year ago and came to the St Louis Laughter Club right after completing treatment. We cheered her


I wish all my fellow Laughter Yoga lovers and those who want to be Laughter Yoga lovers, a happy and healthy New Year for 2010 filled with much laughter and joy and good health. As I have learned from my good friend Arya Pathria, another wonderful Laughter Leader, "Your health

Laughter Yoga Strengthens the Immune System

Laughter Yoga Strengthens the Immune System Laughter Yoga can help strengthen the immune system and worldwide, Laughter Yoga participants have reported fewer colds and viruses. I myself have not had a cold for 2 years. This week I broke my record and became sick with a cold or flu, whichever

Record-breaking Storms Can’t Dampen this Laughter Adventure

y Jeffrey Briar On behalf of the Laguna Laughter Club Jan. 17-18, 2010 - Laguna Laughter Club members and friends (18 in number) went on an overnight Laughter Adventure to Catalina Island, 25 miles off the southern California Coast. It was a sunny morning when we departed Dana Point. We

Laughter Yoga with Seniors and Altzheimers Patients

I have been doing laughter yoga programs with seniors for the last several years but since July, I have been doing laughter yoga with seniors and Altzheimers patients I started at 1 facility as a trial in July. They ended up wanting me 2 x month, told the other 2

Laughter yoga and Altzheimers

The past 2 months I have been doing a lot of laughter yoga programs with Altzheimers residents at an assisted living facility. It has been a wonderful and fascinating experience. The residents are at varying levels of progression in their illness. Some are very alert and some are very lethargic

HaHa’s for Your TaTa’s!!

I am thankful for smaller numbers which is happening in the morning and afternoon classes during LaughFest at Gilda's Club Grand Rapids, MI. Classes of 30-50 are so much fun, but much less personal. The group this afternoon had the largest number of breast cancer survivors of any group so

Free, but Priceless Laughter!

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do, but today was a day when the answer became crystal clear..... I arrived in Grand Rapids yesterday fairly early in the afternoon and thought I should make a practice drive out to Gilda's Club. While I waited to speak with my