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LYOZ 2013 Conference is all about Laughter Wellness

Well it’s finally here. We are about to launch the biggest dose of laughter ever to hit Sydney. We have organized 9 days of non-stop entertainment, information, and learning, about laughter. The website which has all of the details on it is www.laughterwellness.com.au But here is an overview below to whet your appetite
Pre Conference Workshops

There are 4 half day pre Conference workshops. These are designed to provide an in depth knowledge on the designated topics. They will be very interactive, and of course have a laughter session attached to them, so will be HEAPS of fun. There are learning and development opportunities for working people here, so I urge you to encourage any business that you know of to send their people along to one or all of these events
The Conference itself

For the Conference, there is a discount for Laughter Club Leaders and members who want to attend. This year we have taken a different approach in having it in a major hotel venue in the Sydney CBD. This has been done mainly to encourage non Laughter Yogis to attend. What we are trying to do is to encourage people to learn more first hand about Laughter Yoga. From there, we can recruit more people to come to our Laughter Clubs and Laughter Training sessions
Post Conference Training

The Post Conference Training options are not to be missed also. Sebastien Gentry from the USA will be out to share his creative genius in 5 day Teacher Training. There is not a person who has attended his training that hasn’t raved about it. Having attended several of them I will concur. There is also 2 day Leader Training, and 2 day Business Training, for those wishing to take Laughter Yoga to commercial organizations, or make a business from laughter presentations and workshops
Your support is required please

So here’s the deal. We need your help to promote these events. Why? Well this year we have the ability to do Laughter Yoga Research Studies with Deakin University and Victoria University. The first is with Kidney Dialysis patients at Monash Medical Centre. This study is to determine the impact of Laughter Yoga on Forced Exhalation Volume (FEV). If proven, and it will be, then this will have massive opportunities for us in many health situations, as well as fitness options. With the latter research, it’s with 9 year old kids who will start their school day with Laughter Yoga. They will be measured on Cognitive Response, Positive Emotions, and Student Engagement. Proving this will lead us to be able to go to any school, anywhere, anytime. But the downside is that these studies don’t come cheap. The profits from all of these Sydney events will go towards offsetting the costs of these research studies
Enjoy Life