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2012 All America Laughter Yoga ConferenceThe 2012 All America Laughter Yoga conference took place near Chicago, Illinois, in September 2012. This was only a few weeks ago but the energy and enthusiasm created still runs high.

This was our 7th edition and an impressive gathering of 60 committed individuals from many different professional horizons. They came from all 4 corners of North America and as far as Australia, Japan, Russia, and Dubai.

What makes this conference unique year after year is the quality of its presenters and variety of topics discussed. How to summarize three days of laughter, inspiration and learning? Here is my best attempt: you don’t know what you are missing.

Lynda Tourloukis shared how she uses laughter in her leadership and personal development workshops. Merv Neal reinforced the importance of adding value rather than cutting costs and how to price ourselves in a downturn economy. Len Histon introduced the Wizzdom Game, a wonderful addition to Laughter Clubs and the toolkit of Laughter Professionals. Lisa Pettersen and Laura Gentry shared wonderful, heart-warming and very connecting group games and other fun activities. Tanaz Bamboat talked about the importance and powerful impact of laughter for people suffering from mental illnesses. Fitness professional and Yoga studio owner Mary Anderson shared her presentation techniques to engage people of all shapes and sizes. Caryl Derensfeld shared useful techniques for laughing with older adults with varied cognitive abilities. Sarito Sun talked about Osho’s laughing meditation and gave us an experience. Laughter Coach Anne Timpany shared how laughter helped her successfully transition from a life that sucked into a life full of joy. Laughter Therapist Rimma Umyarova from Moscow, Russia, talked to us about Laughter Drama, a special technique that she has created. Sono Joy demonstrated a singing healing technique she uses. Rita Lopienski motivated and empowered us with practical PR techniques to get into local media on a regular basis. Linda Leclerc fired us up with her laughter & chocolate program and explained how to do it ourselves for fun & profit. Elaine Niederding inspired us with creative wordplays such as “miracle = I’m clear”. Hilary Kimblin gave us an update on an exciting and promising research on laughter with migraine patients she is involved in with the University of Southern California. Neuroscientist Jonathan Jordan explained the impact of laughter on the brain, and importance and value of learning to multi-sense rather than multi-task. As for myself I explained how I manage to have currently over 432,000 laughter exercises easily accessible in my online database, and how I have barely scratched the surface of what’s available.

The 2013 All America Laughter Yoga conference will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The exact date is still to be confirmed. More soon at http://2013.laughteryogaamerica.com

See the photo album at https://plus.google.com/photos/118217229014825256713/albums/5792696123204627073?banner=pwa

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