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The 2010 5th Australasian Conference is all go ! ! !
For the last six weeks I have been on holidays in the USA, Canada, and Alaska. Apart from seeing some magnificent scenery and wildlife, I managed to catch up with some Laughter Yoga folks who I hadn’t seen in a while. One of them was Allan O’Meara in Vancouver. Quite an amazing young man who specializes in Laughter Yoga with Seniors…in particular those suffering from Alzheimer’s

The Sharing
It was GRRREAT to hear the strategies, tactics, tricks, hints, and tips he used to win them over every time. I instantly
thought of ways I could use some of these things with my business clients. Which is what the Conference on the 6th and 7th of November is all about. Giving and receiving ideas that could improve the way we use and deliver Laughter Yoga to others. While we can read and see information on line and in newsletters, there is nothing quite like the interaction of a face to face presentation and discussion

The Learning
How effective the Conference is can be determined by what we learn and are then able to take back to our Laughter Clubs, workplaces, clients, or just to use personally. In past conferences I have seen different laughs by different Laughter Clubs. It’s amazing to see how creative others can be. A lot of the Laughter Yoga folks are also involved with dealing with folks who are suffering from a variety of mental and physical illnesses. Hearing from them gives me many ideas about how we can prevent these things happening in the first place. I have then been able to use these in some way with my clients. And finally I always come away hearing stories that can change my own life in some way

The Presenters
For this reason it’s important that we get as many and as varied types of presenters as possible. At this stage I have two amazing presenters who will be coming from overseas. They will also be holding some pre and post Conference Workshops for you to enjoy on the 5th and the 8th. Locally I only have one presenter confirmed at this stage so there is room for many many more. If you would like to share your stories and experiences please contact me as soon as possible so we can work you into the agenda
The Venue
The venue is the Presentation Spirituality Centre in Manly Brisbane. More information can be found at http://www.pbvm.org.au/pscmanly/ It is close to the airport and public transport and has some accommodation on site. It’s gardens and proximity to the beach will make it ideal for us to do whatever we want…the mind boggles ! ! !
The price to attend in just $295inc GST. This includes all meals, morning and afternoon teas, and use of the facilities from Friday night at 6pm to Sunday afternoon at 4pm. The first 20 people to register and pay will have the option to take advantage of the limited on site accommodation. There are other accommodation options nearby and home sharing is always an option to keep the costs to a minimum. Please contact me if you need any further information