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Australia and New Zealand Laughter Yoga Newsletter No 12 December 2009

Well the 4th Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference has been run and won in Sydney. There were folks from around Australia as well as a strong contingency from New Zealand in attendance. Set in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, Camp Yarramundi was the perfect setting for the occasion

Dr Kataria’s new Laughter Yoga Concept

The Conference started with the Good Doctor introducing us to his new concept called “Laughing in the Mind”. This gives people the ability to Laugh for no Reason alone and silently. Based heavily on a meditation format it was remarkably easy to grasp. Having tried it several times since I can assure that it really does work. Well done Doc

The Giggles
Hannah and Honalee were inspiring with their concept of joining forces with Richard. This gives them the ability to meet most of the challenges and demands for running a Laughter Club, Media commitments, and Business and Community Sessions. They explained how the structure was adopted, the benefits, and the drawbacks of their model. The pros definitely outweighed the cons. Nice work ladies

Sebastien’s Advanced Workshop
My American brother Sebastien was at his finest with his Advanced Training. His unique style along with his creativity and passion was a GRRREAT conclusion to the formal presentations. His Cross Brain theory gives a whole new aspect to how and why some laughs work better than others

Dress Up and Talent Night
The dress up and talent night was a hit. With little more than some trinkets and imagination everyone had to make the most of their provided costume…four plastic garbage bags. The best dressed was won by Kylie Willows. She won herself a free ticket to next year’s Conference. Congratulations Kylie

The Giant Swing and Pool Party
Being a Youth Camp there were also many outside activities on offer. The first day we visited the Giant Swing. This was exactly as it sounded. A team of ten people had to haul a person more than fifteen meters into the air. From there the only way out was down. Jen Smith was very articulate in her choice of words as to what she thought when she pulled the release chord. The next day’s activity was more subdued with a relaxing swim in the outdoor pool

New Laughs from around the World
The amazing thing that continues to astound me is the ability for folks to be creative with new laughs. I thought that over the last six years I’d seen them all. The Clam, Ring of Laughter, and Hiccup, were just a few of the new and innovative laughs to be demonstrated. How wonderful to have such a diversity of knowledge all in the one room

The Outcome
Following several discussions it was obvious that we need a more coordinated approach to bringing the states together. For this reason I will be spending next year to get together a committed team who will be able to drive Laughter Yoga to the next level nationally. If you’re interested give me a call
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