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5Can you imagine, a very small group of people - actually, they were 5 - in a serious park in Mumbai, laughing their heads of?
20 years ago, on March 13, 1995, Madan Kataria went for his morning walk in a nearby park and asked people to join him and laugh to start their day. Weird request? Well I'd say!

20 years later, we're not even thinking it's weird anymore (well, some people might but we know better!)! there are thousands of laughter clubs in more than 75 countries! Millions of people enjoy and practice Laughter Yoga and laugh intentionaly!

You know what? Laughter Yoga can seriously change one's life! It changed mine!

So one person can change the world! One laughter at a time!

With all my gratefulness to you Madan, and to you Madhuri! Happy 20th anniversary to Laughter Yoga!