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Latest from Laughter Yoga Movement in Taiwan

The first Laughter Club in a high school in Taiwan was started by a teacher about two months ago. Mr. Mingo trained Ms.Chao at his Laughter Club for many months. I was invited to make a presentation on Laughter Yoga to all teachers in the school in October 2009.

At the end of the presentation, I handed Ms.Chao, the Certificate of Laughter Club Leader. This Laughter Club at the high school meets twice a week.

Taiwanese people are actively spreading Laughter Yoga outside Taiwan, in China, Hong Kong, New Zealand as well as Canada.

A Laughter Yoga Club in Toronto, Canada, was opened by a Taiwanese Mr. Mike Chang on Oct 21 of 2009. He moved to Toronto after retirement.

They meet at a training room of a mall near Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough.Toronto.

Initially, he found it difficult to find members to join this Club, although he distributed leaflets about the new Laughter Yoga Club. Finally, a Chinese woman, Ms. Lee, invited Mike to present Laughter Yoga for her group. Everybody liked this exercise, and thus another Laughter Yoga Club was started.

Three years ago while he was on a walk in the park of Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Memerial Hall, he heard loud laughters from a weird group led by John. He participated immediately and felt very good after the exercises. So he and his wife constantly joined our Laughter Clubs since then.

Mike said he planned to setup a Laughter Club for the Chinese community in Canada. So I gave him a flag of Laughter Club in May of 2009.

I am sure that you'll love these photos. Have a look -

Love and Laughter

JOHN the General Laughter Club Leader in Taiwan
Specialises in Gelotology, the study of Humour, Laughter and the exercising of the Gelastic muscles