Laughter Yoga – A Great Healing Force

 Jacqueline Domhoff Laughter Yoga – A Great Healing Force

Once again Laughter Yoga has proved to be a great healing force as seen in this inspirational story of Jacqueline Domhoff from Peru, a cancer survivor, who battled her condition by effectively using laughter to regain her confidence and self-belief. In 2009, when diagnosed with ovarian cancer she fell into a state of depression. She felt her life and career as a PR manager came crumbling down. Soon, she learnt about Laughter Yoga from a friend and decided to practice it on a regular basis, which helped her to not feel sick. “I laughed for no reason and indeed, weeks later, I started seeing some improvement,” said Jaqueline.

Highly motivated with the results, she established an unusual hospital called ‘The Hospital of Happiness’. It is a non-profit institution that takes happiness and calm to the people. It’s not a conventional hospital. It operates out of an office in Domhoff’s home. “I thought there should be a hospital that teaches you to laugh, to feel happy and to work on the mind, to be positive and enrich your spirituality, because for me, one of the pillars of my recovery has been my faith”, she adds.

Laughter Yoga is a serious treatment for people suffering from cancer, this method allows red blood cells to grow in size by attacking cancer cells, activating endorphin, the happiness hormone, and increasing the level of serotonin (natural painkillers in the body). It creates a Pac Man phenomenon, so that red blood cells that grew in size will be eating the cancer cells and the more you laugh; more cancer cells they eat. That is a huge benefit and it also allows your mood to be on top. Therefore Laughter therapy is an ideal way to fight cancer and yet remain positive and joyful.

According to her Laughter Yoga is not an entertainment program, contrary to many might believe. It is a combination of a correct way of breathing with laughter. The exercises consist of laughter exercises taken from everyday life sequences. It is a group method because there is always a connection with other human beings allowing empathize and build a good social environment.

Jacqueline Domhoff is not only a cancer survivor; she is the forerunner of this therapy in Peru. After she set up the hospital she is responsible for healing more than 6000 people in different districts of Lima. “We want to spread laughter and so increase the positivity in the world. When you laugh you change, if you change and you are optimistic, you attract positivism. It is the best way to spread love, peace and a way to create healing,” she adds.

To read her full interview click here.

The Hospital de la Alegría needs our help. If you wish to volunteer with them or donate to be part of this wonderful project, visit the web

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