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  • Date: May 2, 2015 - May 3, 2015
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    Venue: Super 8 Hotel, 5008-43 st St Paul, AB 9-5 both days /            Continental breakfast at 8:30

    For room rental check Hotels.com for your lowest prices at Hotel 8, Galaxy Motel, Kings Motel & Restaurant, and the St Paul Lodge.


    May 3rd is World Laughter Day 

    $295. +5% gst for early bird rate 2 weeks or more before training

    $350. + 5% gst regular rate

    Couples- 2 for 1

    Seniors - please call or email for your special rate :-)

    $145. + 5% gst  Refresher rate for those who have already taken a LY Leader Training

    1 day Basic Workshop $175.00. (Saturday only) This qualifies the participant to start Free Community Laughter Clubs. The 2 -day workshop is suggested if you want to continue with the 5 day Teacher Certification and and go beyond a Free Community Laughter Club with Laughter Yoga. The 1 day Includes a Basic LY Manual and Basic Certification, 1 day training, break refreshments and 1 Continental Breakfast, and Welcome Package


    Payment by check, money order, e-transfer or credit card

    Payable to Patti G Enterprises

    Please contact for registration form  pattig1@outlook.com


    Patricia received her Teacher training from Dr Madan Kataria- Founder of Laughter Yoga and from Linda Leclerc- Canadian Master Trainer and 2  Leader Training from Dr. Billy Strean. In total Patricia has accomplished 2 LY teacher trainings and 2 LY leader trainings. Patricia has successfully lead LY Leader Trainings and always gives more than she receives putting her Bachelor of Education to use in a brand new way.

    Patricia facilitates a Free Laughter Club in her community. She is also a Caring Clown visiting seniors and others. She has conducted Laughter Yoga sessions at Senior’s Lodges and conferences, Wellness Days and continues to receive invitations.

  • Telephone: 780-614-5582
  • Email Address: pattig1@outlook.com
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  • Patricia Geortzen

    Dear Dr Sakina Raj, please contact me by email and we can set you up in a Certified Laughter Leader Training.

    Wednesday, 3 December 2014 11:05:41
  • Dr Sakina Raj

    Me and my husband both wants to be certified teachers so can start Laughter Yoga club in Calgary, Canada FREE of charge

    Monday, 3 November 2014 00:19:51

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