Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training by Lotte Mikkelsen

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  • Damien

    Hi Lotte,
    I previously was quiet involved with a local laughter yoga group. The group has fallen away a little and I would like to revive it and get back into laughter yoga but would love a good big injection of laughter yoga so have been thinking a little about doing a teacher training course. I already have a leader course done.
    I suppose my main question is how much does the course cost?
    And is there a sliding because I'm currently unemployed?
    I from Ireland and would be travelling over for the course and wonder if you could give me any pointers on things like where to fly to and where might be a good place to stay?
    thank you,
    Damien Regan

    Saturday, 31 October 2015 15:10:41

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