Skype Laughter Club Changed My Life
Maria Manninen


Maria Manninen, Finland: At the end of last year my life was so tough that I spent lots of time
crying alone at home. I had read about Skype Laughter Club in one Finnish magazine of well-being earlier that year and really felt that I should give it a try.

I signed in and anxiously waited for the first on line session. In a couple of weeks' time my life started to fill up with joy and laughter. I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the day. And when something was funny, I would laugh out loud which I hardly did before. I got so much into laughing that I did a 3-day Laughter Yoga leader's training and now lead the Skype Laughter Club on line. After a daily Skype laughter session, I feel so much happier. In fact, sometimes I laugh so much that I have to explain to people that I'm a Laughter Yoga practitioner!

Maria Manninen
Ylännekatu 14 C 20
20540 Turku, Finland
tel: 044-5613200

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  • Aline

    How does a Skype Laughter Club work? I've experienced person-to-person laughter clubs and can imagine a solo LY practice but a Skype laughter club is kind of cool. You could truly have an international club that way! BTW I'm emailing from the United States.

    Tuesday, 10 September 2013 06:44:02

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