Laughter has changed my life. I feel much lighter and happier.
Brigette, Copenhagen, Denmark


I first heard about Laughter Clubs on World Laughter Day in Copenhagen. Impressed, I joined the club and since then laughter has changed my life. I feel happier and more focused about things that make me happy. It has changed me from being a serious person to a much lighter person. I also use laughter as my personal stress management therapy to keep my stress levels low, as I have a very stressful job.

I hope that laughter expands to every part of society. I have laughter club colleagues who look after the elders, the children and the youth. I like to work with people who are sick and ill, especially cancer patients. It makes me happy to bring laughter and joy to their lives.

Laughter works on both physical and psychological level; therefore the whole health care can be transformed through laughter.

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