More Laughter in my life now!!
Matti Anttila, CLYT, Victoria, BC, Canada


After reading Norman Cousins’ book, “Anatomy of an Illness", I was keen to visit a laughter club. I attended two one-time sessions before finding a Saturday morning club here in Victoria. I immediately volunteered to get trained as a leader and enjoyed the whole process of coming to a club and then learning how to lead one.

A real shift happened, though, when a friend told me how a big change occurred in his life when he started participating in laughter sessions two to three times a week. He said his wife had a stroke a few years earlier and their life had become extremely stressed out. There was no time to laugh as he was busy taking care of her on a full time basis. But, ever since they discovered Laughter Yoga, they were laughing more and their stress had reduced.

Amazed at the wonderful change, I started attending the laughter sessions 2-3 times a week and found it made a big difference for me as well. Specifically, chuckling or laughing at situations that in the past would have caused concern, upset or downright anger. Also, I find myself smiling more and easily.

Now, while life hands me challenges, I find the load much lighter, since Laughter Yoga has entered my life.

My thanks to Dr. Kataria and to all laughers who keep the joy of laughter alive in a challenging world.

-Matti Anttila, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Victoria, BC, Canada

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