Laughter Yoga Therapy In Multiple Sclerosis
Vanessa Coéllar, Architect, Mexico


This is the story of how Laughter Yoga helped Vanessa Coéllar, an Architect from Mexico City, cope with Multiple Sclerosis. I have Multiple Sclerosis since five years, and I can tell you it’s a terrible disease. Your life doesn’t go very well - in fact, it just gets worse. You need to try and be happy as this is the only thing that may help you feel better.

Unfortunately, I lost my job as a Professor of Architecture in the University, and became extremely depressed and angry at the circumstances. I thank Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga, and Mr. Pedro of the local Namaste Yoga Laughter Club, for bringing laughter into my life. I found a way to cope with my situation, and felt I could win over this terrible turn of events. As the disease progressed, I lost my ability to walk. I was sad and worried about the future, and of course, very scared and shocked.

Fortunately, I remembered what I learnt in the Laughter Club, and decided to put it in practice. To be honest, initially, it was very difficult to laugh, because I was angry and disappointed. But, with regular practice of Laughter Yoga, I could laugh more and more. In fact, the unbelievable happened. I started to walk again! (Nowadays, I walk with a stick but only while going up and down the steps) I have improved a lot with Laughter Yoga, coupled with some naturopathy and homeopathy treatment.

There is something else I’d like to share with you. Before I got Multiple Sclerosis I was a very cheerful girl, but the sad events changed my life and I became very stressed, worried and terribly depressed. It was Laughter Yoga that changed my life for the better, and helped me develop a positive attitude, even as I faced the challenge of a chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis. I only wish I had known the power of laughter earlier, which may have prevented me from falling sick.

Vanessa Coéllar

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  • Linda Sussman

    Hi Vanessa,
    I am so happy for you and hopeful that I will get better someday as you did.
    I've Heard of laugh therapy and I am starting to participate in some sessions.
    However since I am still you as I see you are, I wanted to know how you cope with your love life as for mr has been very difficult, are you married or do you have your someone special? How does he help you, is he understanding? And sorry to ask you this.. your sex life?
    I get so so depressed sometimes that I start to lose hope in having someone by my side to love.
    I hope you keep well and healing day by day.
    Look foreward to your reply. God bless you


    Wednesday, 9 March 2016 23:13:45

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