Thanks to Laughter Yoga, I am a Healthier, Happier and Loving Person.

thumbs Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. My curiosity opened my world to Laughter Yoga. I remember I went to a 3 day conference in Cd. Juarez, Mexico border city with El Paso, TX and "something" that I had never heard about, called my attention... the title of one of the workshops they were offering. Taller de Yoga de la Risa. "What could Yoga de la Risa be?" I asked myself. I decided that I will go try it. We were a large group of about 35 people, waiting for the facilitator to appear. When I saw the guy, Adrian Hernandez Ballesteros coming to the room carrying his guitar. " Uhmmm...I do not think this guy is going to make laugh, he looks to serious" I thought. I was wrong...Ho ho, ha ha. Immediately after he introduced himself and we started doing the session, I felt like a child, playing and trying to imitate everything he did. I had never laugh like that before in my entire life. I remember I had very ugly pain and inflammation in the sciatic nerve. The pain and discomfort went away after the Laughter Meditation. When the session got over, I asked Adrian how could I learn "that" and if he could teach me. He told me he was going to have a training soon. I gave him my phone number and asked him to keep me in mind. He called me about 6 months after. I got very excited and said yes! All that happened in 2012. After I got my leader certification, I conducted about 8 LY sessions in different places, then stopped doing it. However, in February of 2014, I decided to take Laughter Yoga more seriously. I remember I heard a voice within me telling me to spread the word about LY, so that more people would know about it. I decided to listen to my intuition. I also had thought of getting my Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification, so when I found out about Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri coming to the U.S. to do a 5 day CLYT training, I took the phone, make arrangements to fly to Orlando, Fla. and attended the training. In El Paso, TX. we have now 11 new Laughter Yoga Leaders who got certified on July 26 of this year. My life has changed drastically. My relationship with my husband has improved a lot, ( we laugh of nothing together) I discover my creativity, I feel more comfortable with myself, more outgoing, confident, more connected to others and to the planet, the more I practice LY, it is easier for me to love people, and of course, I am healthier and happier! Ho Ho Ha Ha!
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