Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. Laugh Your Cares Away With Laughter Lainie Diamond a professional mezzo-soprano from New York discovered she had lost her laughter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She had fallen into a spectrum of depression and did not know how to get out of it. "I was ready to laugh more," she said. "I think human beings often realize they need to laugh more when things are getting too serious." Diamond soon found a L Laughter Yoga Helps Melbourne's Seniors To Good Mental Health Laughter Yoga instructor Carolyn Nicholson gathered a group of 40 seniors for their first Laughter Yoga class in Melbourne. Starting with the chant, and progressing to basic clapping and swaying movements, she led the class into a relaxed and childlike atmosphere. When participants were asked to move around the room and approach one another performing pretend electric-shock handshakes, the laught Laughter Yoga At Virginia Tech Laughter Yoga has already proven to be a great tool to reduce the stress and pressures faced by students. In fact, Virginia Tech has introduced a ‘laughter class’ in the morning, which has become the happiest workout for the students. Tod Whitehurst who conducts this yoga class says, "We take advantage of the fact that laughter is contagious. Once you start gettin LAUGHTER YOGA ITALIAN CONGRESS from 17th to 19th October For the first time Dr. Kataria will hold his " Silence & Laughter Spiritual Retreat ” outside of India, in San Leo (Italy) from 14th to 17th October . Immediately after the Retreat, he will attend the Italian Laughter Yoga Congress from 17th to 19th, as a Special Guest of Honor along with his wife Madhuri. The Congress will be attended by several guests Laughter Improves Memory And Lowers Stress Laughter Yoga with its several health benefits is fast becoming a worldwide movement and has caught the attention of health researchers around the globe. A recent study on the effect of laughter on memory and stress levels found a wide range of health benefits including memory improvement and lower stress. Cheryl Ann Oberg from Calgary has seen many of these benefits. Having worked with people Mission To Spread Laughter & Joy As a part of Laughter Yoga exchange program, Laughter ambassador K M Thomas from Bahrain recently toured Vietnam to spread his message of joy and peace among patients at the municipal Police Hospital in Hanoi. He worked with the hospital's disabled and elderly residents hoping to effect a positive change in them. Laughter Yoga has many benefits for people who need special care; it can improve fle Laughter Yoga In Denmark CNN recently did a special show investigating the happiness quotient in Denmark. Their award winning chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, met Thomas Flindt, the Scandinavian Laughter Guru who felt that Denmark is the happiest country on earth. Together they discussed the power of laughter, and how important it is to embrace laughter in daily life. Thomas Flindt showed Dr. Sanjay how lau Discover now the Laughter Yoga Birthday Video ! From 6th to 8th March 2015, unique event : the first Laughter Yoga Congress and it 20th birthday celebration in France. Discover now the Laughter Yoga 20th Birthday video, in which you’ll see Madan Kataria; Madhuri and Fabrice Loizeau in a cartoon version ! And to know everything, about this new event; it’s here : Laughter Yoga – Best Antidote For Depression A report by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo Depression, according to recent studies, is a leading cause of death in this modern-super-fast-paced-highly- revolutionized-tech world we live in. The antidote to depression is a happy, positive mindset. When one laughs, endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones, are released, that make a person feel good and happy. The demise of Robin Williams made me realize how Laughter Y Laughter Yoga In Italian School Maria Ausilia Vaccari, Leader &Teacher Laughter Yoga International: My Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Project for children has now become my mission. For the last month, I have been conducting laughter classes for all students and teachers in the primary school in Vercelli. It was a great experience as everyone was very enthusiatic and soon became involved in dancing, singing and laughing.