Laughter Yoga International Laughter Yoga International : Global Movement for Health, Joy & World Peace. International congress of Laughter Yoga in March An amazing event is the international congress of Laughter Yoga . In March, in France, Docteur Kataria, Fabrice Loizeau and other speakers will be introduce some workshops about the well-being, the laugh... By choosing to be there, you will live an impressive and incredible moment ! From 1st till 5 March 2015 in France, INFO REGISTRATION : HERE And the page facebook if you w Laughter - A Remedy For Depression Research has already shown that regular practice of Laughter Yoga helps to alleviate stress and generates a positive state of mind with increased optimism. In fact, thousands of Laughter Club members have reported that their depression has vanished and that they are happier than ever before. A study conducted at Washington University, showed that even a quick intervention like laughing gas had India Appoints Minister Of Yoga Living up to his promise to promote India's therapeutic traditions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a ministry of yoga and alternative therapies for the country this week. Reuters reports that the AAYUSH portfolio will include traditional medicines and practices of ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha and homeopathy. Shripad Yesso Naik was appointed to head the ministry. "This i Laugh Daily To Beat Stress It’s no joke that daily laughter is the best way to release stress and keep healthy. What better than doing Laughter Yoga which is an ideal exercise for complete body-mind wellness. Laughter leader Diane Cohen conducts an hour long Laughter Yoga session on a regular basis in the library in Arlington for mostly elderly women. The participants talk in gibberish and do different laug Laughter Exercises For Wellbeing The hustle and bustle of life has caught on with us to such an extent that instead of a smile on our faces, we often bear wrinkles on our foreheads. Laughter is perhaps the only single exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mental and emotional stress all at the same time. The benefits of laughter are helping thousands of people worldwide. Laughter Clubs have sprung up in towns and citie Laughter Yoga Helps Students Loosen Up Students of a Creative Thinking class in Central Virginia Community College recently enjoyed a Laughter Yoga session with imaginary cocktails and milkshakes in hand, as they laughed like super villains! It helped them to get out of the constant rational mode of thinking and loosen up a bit. Laughter instructor Kristin Jo Freed taught them to laugh on demand while acting out little scenarios lik Laughter Yoga Tour Through Mysore Here is an interesting report from Dr. Annelie Gareis and Thomas Topolanek, two volunteering Laughter Yoga teachers at Laughter University in Bangalore, who went on a discovery trip to Mysore, a beautiful city in South India. Their Adventure: Annelie and Thomas: Our Indian driver brought us safely to Mysore. On the way we came in touch with local food, having breakfast in a traditional Laughter Ideal For Age-Related Memory Loss According to a recent study conducted in Loma Linda University, California, laughter is the best medicine to improve memory loss in lder individuals, as it helps reduce the neuron damage caused by "stress hormone" cortisol. It is well known that too much stress can negatively affect health. It worsens memory and learning ability in elderly individuals, as it increases the production o “LOVE AND PSYCHOLOGY”: Laughter Yoga for the Amelia Association of Women with Mastectomies Nov. 20Th, 2014 ADOS AMELIA Conference On N ovember 20th, 2014, Laughter Yoga will be invited to the ADOS Amelia Conference (Association of Women with Mastectomies), in Italy . The Conference title is “LOVE AND PSYCHOLOGY”. It will be held in the Museum Picture Gallery, at 3 p.m. This event was planned in the Prevention Week, from November 17th to November 21st, 2014, whose titl The international congress of laughter yoga with Dr Kataria 6/7/8 March 2015, the Laughter yoga 20th Birthday Congress with Dr Kataria in France, near Paris. " I promise you a fantastic congress in France" Dr Kataria By choosing to participate, you are sure to live an incredible and historical event On this special congress, laughter yoga specialists, positive experts... will be there. 3 reasons to come at the congress : - this is a his