Google & BBC Using Laughter Yoga

Saturday, 22 February 2014 10:34:16Back

Laughter Yoga is the latest workplace wellbeing craze. It has really taken off among companies looking to get that laughter feeling without the hassle of humor. In fact, BBC and Google organized laughter sessions which helped to generate a great feeling among employees and resulted in participants feeling happier and more relaxed.

Besides BBC and Goggle, other companies are also up for using Laughter Yoga because the wellbeing benefits cannot be ignored. They realized that laughter is a great tool to relieve work stress, lower blood pressure, boost endorphins and put a buzz back into the workplace

Laughter acts as a powerful bonding tool and an ice-breaker. It boosts creativity, and helps to draw people together. Laughter is also a chance to be genuine, breaking down some of the barriers of the formal office environment. As John Cleese wrote in Life and How to Survive It; “I remember Jonathan Miller saying that true humor produces great intimacy because the best humor emphasizes the similarities between people, not the differences.”

A recent study suggests that constantly masking emotions in the workplace can lead to wellbeing issues such as burnout. Laughter performs an important function by providing a welcome release from this kind of tension. All in all, having a laugh makes us that bit happier to be at work.

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  • Karla Oseguera

    Felicidades Dr. Kataria.... !!
    Sigo riendo, lo que me hace muy feliz y mejora mi salud día a día, cada vez mejor.


    Dr. Kataria .... Congratulations!
    I'm still laughing, which makes me very happy and my health improved day by day, getting better.


    Wednesday, 5 March 2014 14:38:59
  • Vijay Kumar Singh

    Es ist grossartig, dass BBC und Google über Lachyoga berichten und seine Vorteile anpreisen, als ob sie diese Methode erfunden hätten. Anderseits finde ich es gut, dass sie auch die Vorteile anerkennen, welche auch der Gründer Madan Kataria immer wieder betont.

    Félicitations à BBC et Google de faire connaitre Yoga de rire!

    If Laughteryoga spread like this, than you will see in near future , they will recommend the founder Name of Madan Kataria for an Peace Price for bringing happiness, peace, social harmony among the world Population. I am happy that BBC and Google have not forgotten to mention the health benefits of Laughteryoga. But I am missing his Name - so I feel pity.

    Mit herzliche Grüssen, Avec les meilleurs salutations and with best wishes. Long live Laughteryoga!
    Vijay from Zürich/Switzerland

    Saturday, 1 March 2014 02:10:49
  • Yancos Pantelis

    Estoy muy feliz con la Yoga de Risa!!!!!!!!!!

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:19:15


    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 06:42:10

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