Laughter Yoga goes to Cebu (Phillipines)

Saturday, 9 March 2013 11:07:27Back

Laughter Yoga is fast spreading to different parts of the world as people are experiencing enormous physical and mental health benefits. The concept is now widely accepted in the business world as it is the most effective tool to reduce work stress and provides companies and organizations powerful operational benefits.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Philippines recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session for its kick-off sales force conference. According to the laughter professional who led the LY session there were the positive healing mantras - badly needed in these undeniably challenging times - that were wholeheartedly recited by all. The crowd exultantly laughed and jubilantly chanted the mantras for Novartis that added to further inspire and goad the employees towards their company's goals of going beyond ... over-achieve in 2009.

Satisfied and happy with the wholesome outcome and fascinating effects of laughter-yoga on its employees, Novartis has decided to include Laughter Yoga for their employees.

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