Laughter Yoga At Italian Yoga Fest

Monday, 7 October 2013 13:18:28Back

Lucia Suriano, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Italy: I recently got the opportunity to make people experience the magic of laughter at the two day Yoga Fest held in Barletta (south of Italy).

During these two days, there were several sessions of different types of Yoga, as well as some interesting conferences about yoga, ayurvedian medicine, yoga for children, ect. I also had a space for a lecture on Laughter Yoga, which I held together with Massimo Valente, an ostheopath, who spoke about the importance of breathing.

I also held a special outdoor laughter session and got numerous partcipants  to do a “Laughter giving” activity. I invited them to experience the laughter of the heart as a gift to give, as I think that laughter is a gift and it works if it's shared with the others. 

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  • Jagat Singh Bisht

    Well done, Lucia!

    Keep it up!!

    Love and Laughter,

    Jagat Bisht
    Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

    Tuesday, 8 October 2013 12:23:46

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