Laughter Clubs Gaining Popularity In Israel

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Tova Butnaru, CLYT: At the rate at which Laughter Yoga is spreading in Israel, soon the people will be laughing their way through all tensions and difficulties. At present, the Israeli Laughter Yoga community generally spends a weekend together laughing, dancing, and singing. Recently, Dr. Ute Liment a medical doctor and a certified Laughter Yoga teacher, who started the Laughter Movement in Israel and conducts these meetings regularly, raised the idea that on each day during the month of July and August, they would hold a Laughter Yoga session on the beach, open to the public. The idea is to bring awareness of Laughter Yoga and its benefits to the general public.

In the beginning, it was difficult to get both LY leaders and people to join the circle, but gradually many facilitators and people joined in and the sessions became very successful. Members thoroughly enjoyed the group laughter and went back feeling relaxed and energized.

These sessions which started on July 21, 2013 will continue till August 15, 2013 and will be held at different beaches and parks.

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  • tase

    frajer, trzymalby z prezesem to teraz bylby ministrem albo nawet dyrektorem jakis stadniny koni, taka piekna kariera a wystarczylo wierzyc ze Jaroslaw musi kiedys chwilówki online szybkie chwilówki
    internetowe chwilówki tanie szybkie chwilówki
    wybory wygrac

    Sunday, 10 April 2016 16:22:31
  • lettre lettre

    Merci de poster un tel contenu informatif. Gardez l'affichage.

    replique montre

    Tuesday, 1 March 2016 09:18:32

    Thank you Dr. Madan for this nice article, and thanks to Dr. Ute Liment for bringing up the idea and for making it happen.

    We also have other nice things is Israel:
    * As you mentioned - once a year we have a weekend together. It's called Laughter Festival - and it's open to all people. (The organizers are Dr. Ute Liment & Osnat Yakobovitch).
    * In addition - once or twice a year we have weekend only for LY leaders - in which we have fun and study a lot of new stuff. (It's also organized by Dr. Ute).
    * In Israel also the laughter record was broken (by me - with the help of other Ly leaders). It happend last year. Laughing for 3:16 hours nonstop.

    So, as you may probably see, we have a lot of special LY activities and achievements in Israel. The more the better :-).

    Thank you Dr. Kataria for bringing this amazing thing to our life.

    Whit love and laugh,

    Friday, 2 August 2013 07:48:35
  • Debbie Iancu Haddad

    Thank you Ute for this wonderful idea. It was so much fun laughing on the beach and watcing the sun on the waves. I hope this lovely idea becomes a tradition here in Israel. You are invited to join the page to follow our activity on facebook:

    Thursday, 1 August 2013 03:49:37
  • bat shachar weinfeld

    very good very good yea
    the one and only
    d"r ute limant the big mama of yoga laughter in israel

    Tuesday, 30 July 2013 17:02:37

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