Laughter – A Great Healing Mechanism

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‘Laughter Lines’ are fast becoming a rage in the UK as part of the laughter therapy which is Britain’s latest and most unusual alternative remedy. The aim of telephonic laughter is the same as that of the original Laughter Clubs, to encourage and induce laughter and all its benefits until real laughter emerges for the sake of creating peace within and around. It is not about funny noises being transmitted over the phone but simply about laughing for no reason to promote health and joy. It keeps the laughter alive and really makes a difference to someone’s day.

The simple act of laughing is increasingly being used as a strategy for coping with mental and physical ailments, from depression to chronic pain, ME and even to support cancer patients. Lotte Mikkelson, 45, founder of this laughter line, who also runs courses in St Albans and Durham, warns that it’s important to see it as a method of coping – not a cure. “In 2008, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,” she explains. “My sister died at the age of 32 from it, so I know what could happen. Since I started laughing, I haven’t had any relapses and my health is great. I never say laughter is a cure – but it can help.”

Since it was founded in 2004, the UK Laughter Network – made up of NHS workers, counselors and social workers – has increased ten-fold, training 8,000 people to use laughter to improve their health.

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    The laughing it is always been a mechanism because of the good emotions going through (same as when watching happy moments on movies or shows).
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