Laughter Yoga In Serbia

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In the wake of its growing popularity worldwide, Laughter Yoga has reached several places including Serbia where laugher leader Olivera Radovanovi? has done some wonderful voluntary work to spread the word of laughter. She founded the Laughter Club Novi Sad on the World Laughter Day last year together with the Scouts of Temerin and with the support of the Red Cross Temerin.

Olivera also did Laughter Yoga sessions with women with cancer at the center "Raknifo" of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization and at a summer camp organized by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of South Backa District and the City of Belgrade. This had about 100 participants, children and adults, with and without disabilities; brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and they all together participated in both the morning Laughter Yoga breathing exercises, and in the evening Laughter Yoga session.

Laughter Yoga was very well adapted by the children, as they have no prejudices and are not ashamed to act like children because they are. This of course does not mean that the parents did not accept Laughter Yoga. On the contrary, it only took them a little to be reminded of that in fact they where big children. As all regularly participated in the morning and evening exercises, the tension was gone and people came to a better understanding and closer relations with each other. Even the hotel staff joined the laughter sessions as well as some of the guests of the hotel. In this way Laughter Club Novi Sad and Laughter Yoga have became a part of a world humanitarian action.

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