Laughter Yoga Helps Philippines Schools

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On the occasion of Laughter Yoga Club, Philippine’s 4th anniversary, it adopted two public schools San Gabriel Elementary School (SGES) and Holy Spirit Elementary School (HSES), both in Quezon City. The main criterion used in selecting the public schools is the number of student population. For instance, SGES has 6,000 students, while HSES has 7,000 students. Providing water and sanitation to these schools helps to uplift the lives of several thousand students. Laughter Yoga turned over to San Gabriel a complete water supply system that now provides clean running water for the school’s four buildings and more faucets for the students to wash their hands. About 1,200 students present at the turnover ceremony did the Laughter Yoga clap and said positive chants.

According to laughter professional Elvie Estavillo these schools have incorporated regular laughter sessions in their daily activities which have stimulated interests, improved students’ mental and physical performances, fostered better behavior and happy attitude, and enhanced their alert level. Above all, these schools reported zero absenteeism!

Courtesy: The Philippine Star

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