Getting High On Laughter Ha Ha Ha!!!

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Here is another great article that once again proves the efficacy of Laughter Yoga in drawing crowds from different professions and walks of life. Read how it helps all kinds of people to shed their shyness and inhibitions and brings out the childlike playfulness from within.

Elvie Estavillo recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session for the San Miguel Beer Human Relations Congress at Las Villas Hotel, Mandaluyong City.

There were 170 participants representing various human relations departments of San Miguel Brewery.They did the Laughter Yoga exercises with mucho gusto — bending their waists, swinging their hips, swaying their bodies — as they laughed to their hearts’ delight. Simple laughter exercises like Laughter Pill and Time to Laugh really had them laughing their bellies out. They were surprised by the positive chants so much so that the “we are healthy, very healthy and “we are rich, very rich” chants drew the loudest and the longest laughs.

The amazed participants nodded approvingly when told what happens to our bodies under stressful situations. Stress is the culprit of modern illnesses — and Laughter Yoga is an exercise which helps reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress all at the same time. Let’s clap and laugh to that! Be with happy, laughing people — they exude some magical, healing benefits!

Courtesy: The Philippine Star

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