Laugh Your Way To Better Health

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Here is a compilation of inspiring testimonies from people all around the world who practice Laughter Yoga and have felt enormous health benefits:

Courtesy: United Mind through laughter


"I have run several laughter sessions with staff and patients that I work with and we have always had a thoroughly good time! You can't beat a good laugh to raise the spirits and mood!"

Sue, NHS

"I actually find my best laughs are on the phone as I can laugh more freely and find laughs I did not know I had, with eyes closed and no distractions. What's so great about laughter is that there is no content, it can cure without causing any pain."


"I am feeling the benefits again. It makes such a difference to laugh every morning."


"I'm a regular participant in the morning laugh. I'm really getting hooked. Now I have real tears and wonderful reactive body stuff. I often lie on the floor, like when I was a kid, and roll about. It’s great. I can see my progression and can feel the benefits. My morning exercises are so much easier after laughing, it’s such a simple effective easy way to start the day, and it rubs off in all sorts of unexpected ways."


Courtesy: Yoga laughs


“As the days pass since the Certified Laughter Yoga leader training, I am so grateful for what the practice of Laughter Yoga has brought to me. I start my day laughing and I find it easier to slip into spontaneous laughter than I did before. Becoming certified as a Laughter Yoga leader has deepened my self-awareness and sense of internal peace.”

Leigh and Jon -- Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders

“… Laughter Yoga is a fun alternative to a normal day of group-building is a welcome stress relief and as long as people let their guards down and actively participate, they all have fun… "Very good, very good, yay!"

Jordan Hart, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, UVa

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