Laughter Yoga Fast Becoming Popular In UAE

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Jay B. Hilotin, Dubai: Laughter Yoga is becoming incessantly popular in the UAE so don’t be shocked if you pass by Ductac at the Mall of the Emirates on Wednesday evenings or Dubai Creek early in the morning and see a bunch of men and women laughing out loud without any reason — these folks are only doing Laughter Yoga.


A recently published report in says that daily attendance at the voluntary Friends of Yoga (FOY) classes is increasing consistently. From a few members, the organization, which was started in Dubai 22 years ago, today boasts 25,000 members, 250 trained yoga teachers, with another 100,000 people attending free yoga classes at its branches across the globe.Spin-offs of the group hold daily sessions in 14 places across the UAE — and have spread to about 20 other countries, as more members migrate from Dubai. They use about 100 kinds of laughter techniques. Author and behavioral-coach-turned-laughter-therapist Sahar Moussly, who conducts weekly Laughter Yoga classes at Ductac said: “Laughter not only improves one’s health but brings new perspective, renews self-esteem and provides a sense of empowerment.

The most ardent practitioners of Laughter Yoga in the UAE are jet-set business executives who feel that Laughter Yoga is a form of breathing that takes negative feelings away. Among other enthusiasts are medical practitioners who use humor therapy, akin to Laughter Yoga, as a tool for healing patients


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