Senior Care Centers Take On Laughter Yoga

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Here are two recently published articles that reveal how Laughter Yoga has spread into different fields. Its therapeutic benefits specially help the elderly who are trying to cope with numerous age related problems and reduced mental, physical and emotional capacity.

Several senior care centers around the world now hold laughter sessions for the members. It has proved to be extremely effective in reducing depression, pains & aches, improving memory, mobility and thinking capacity. It generates feelings of joy and positive emotions which lead to general good health.

First excerpt:

Bill Alarid conducts regular Laughter Yoga sessions in a senior care center in Santa Maria and feels it has really improved the wellbeing of the members. He says, “We laugh for no reason. Since laughter’s contagious, you don’t need any jokes, or pie in the face, or slapstick … it’s very easy to do. Anybody can do it. I have people show up and say they never laugh. Nothing’s funny. I tell them pretend to laugh. It’s just as good.” There are about a dozen medical conditions that benefit from laughter”, Bill said, including depression, cardiovascular, asthma, addiction. “It’s cheap and there are no side effects.” Some of the participants had been in the class before. Some were new. One said it helped her go out and meet the day. Another said it has helped her deal with pain from a severe spinal injury. One woman said she loves her sister dearly. “I rarely have thoughts of killing her, but …” they had a quarrel the other day. “She called me this morning and said, ‘please be there,’” meaning the Laughter Yoga class. Maybe it helps with forgiveness, too.

Courtesy: Santa Maria Times

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Another excerpt about a new trend of using Laughter Yoga to lift senior’s spirits and help them to laugh, enjoy life and release all their stress and pain

There is a new trend afoot. Rose Grant-Rennie, manager of the adult day program, Windsor Regional Hospital, Western Campus, says Laughter Yoga is a great hit in the day program. This exercise does not involve difficult posturing or complicated movement. It is done using laughter exercises combined with yoga breathing, which helps to bring more oxygen to the body and brain to maximize health and energy levels. When the sessions were introduced into the day program, the responses were mostly positive. Clients have stated after a session, "I feel so good now “or "I can breathe better now."

Courtesy: The Windsor Star

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