Care Clowning Brings Laughter To Patients

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Rapid rise in stress levels has led to several diseases and illnesses which has become a cause of great concern for people regarding their health. In a recent report, alternative health experts today tout laughter therapy as a mode of healing any disease from a mild fever to even cancer. And it's for the purpose of making people laugh that Clowns Without Borders (CWB), an international non-profit organization founded in 1993 in the US offers psychological support to those in trauma. Now members of CWB perform in hospitals, refugee camps, slums, orphanages and even prisons around the world and make people laugh. Care clowning is fast becoming a new mode of providing comfort to the distraught and bringing more laughter into the lives of those suffering and in pain.

The CWB is also trying to make laughter therapy a part of mainstream treatment in Indian hospitals too and build a rapport with patients. “Laughter is essential in a hospital setting,” says Delhi based internal medicine specialist, Dr. Sudhir Sharma as the depressing hospital scenario could become more vibrant as medical clowns act as co-therapists in patient care.

Laughter therapy has been described as great way to relax and de-stress terminally ill patients and those suffering from chronic illnesses. Laughter Yoga is one such exercise that works on changing the physical, emotional and mental state simultaneously thereby bringing a positive outlook towards life and circumstances. A good laugh exercises the lungs and circulatory system and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. The huge therapeutic value of laughter can turn your life and health around.

Courtesy: Mail Online India

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