New Laughter Club Opened at Indore, India

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 12:59:36Back

Newly trained Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers Radhika and Jagat Singh Bisht gave a brief presentation and demo on Laughter Yoga before the residents of Suniket Apartments on the 17th October 2010 during the course of Dussehra celebrations immediately after the burning of the effigy of Raavana - the symbol of evil. It was love at first sight for Laughter Yoga. The Suniketians unanimously decided to form the Suniket Laughter Club.

It's inaugural laughter yoga session was held at the Suniket Park on Sunday, the 24th of October 2010. Approximately 60 Suniketians ageing from 9 to 90 chanted “hoho hahaha..”, “very good very good yay..” and laughed and danced joyously for more than an hour. LY Teachers Radhika and Jagat conducted several value based, yogic and physical exercises.

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  • manish deshmukh

    hello sir
    I want to join this group.

    Sunday, 2 November 2014 12:50:53
  • aarti

    We need to meet Mr Jagat so need phone no...awesome work

    Sunday, 20 April 2014 10:09:03

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