Laughter Yoga In Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Monday, 11 March 2013 12:42:10Back

This is another milestone for Laughter Yoga Movement as it rapidly spreads into different areas from schools to companies, to hospitals and universities, special care centers to fitness studios and now to MIT, the most prestigious technology institute in the world. Known for scholastic distinction, the students and faculty of MIT went through the experience of Laughter Yoga and reported a marked difference in their Attitude and Perception.

Lynn Caesar, Psychologist & Laughter Yoga Professional, recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session with the staff, faculty, and military fellows from the Security Studies Program, IT, Political Science, and other MIT affiliates. The authorities organized the Laughter Yoga session as part of their special four-week term held in January in which they can choose from a wide variety of personal and intellectual adventures beyond their academic routines.

The session was well received and the group was playful and receptive. According to Lynn, the joyful event of Laughter Yoga helped the participants to minimize the negative effects of Stress and pressure associated with the high demands of academic excellence at the esteemed institution.

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