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  • New Designs Of Laughter Yoga T-Shirts Launched

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:50:45
    New Designs Of Laughter Yoga T-Shirts Launched
    So far, white T-shirts with orange writing have been very popular for promoting Laughter Yoga, but now we have come up with new designs which are a combination of laughing faces in green with Laughter Yoga written in Italian, English, Japanese, French and German We have 25% discount on bulk order of at least 5 T-shirts. For orders please contact Raj –
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  • Watch Out For Laughter Yoga On 60 Minutes In Australia
    Charles Wooley: During my recent visit to Australia, we had the television crew from 60 Minutes - a popular program on latest news and events in Australia. The chief anchor, Charles Wooley attended the Laughter Yoga session conducted by Merv Neal CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia in a retreat centre and was completely blown away with laughter! At the end of the session, Chris interviewed the participants as well asked ...
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    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:43:28
    Hello Laughter Lovers, On 2nd October Laughter Yoga was the highlight of 60 Minutes in Australia - the most popular news program. Out of 11 minutes segment on Pursuit of Happiness, the segment starts with Laughter Yoga and ends with Laughter Yoga Ha ha ha.   At the end of the program the Anchor Charles Wooley, said- But in all my wanderings in the pursuit of happiness, I never really got happier than I d...
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  • Laugh Your Way to a Healthy Heart

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:41:40
    Laugh Your Way to a Healthy Heart
    Modern day stressors, worries and lifestyle changes have increased the rate of heart diseases - a major cause of death and despair. Even as doctors and patients try to minimize the risk factors, scientific studies have proved that laughter is the simplest answer to a healthy heart. An extended hearty laughter is one of the fastest ways to accelerate heart rate and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and heart...
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  • Laughter Yoga To Be A Part Of UK Rock Festival

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:38:03
    Laughter Yoga To Be A Part Of UK Rock Festival
    Alan, UK: During the 60's I got involved with Buddhism, yoga, meditation peace and love - and like most of us 60's kids let everything drift away as I got into marriage, family and business, though an element of my 60's philosophies stayed with me. The laughter side of life has always been dominant - laugh at your troubles and woes was the way I was brought up as a kid - and I've tried to pass that on to my children...
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  • Ohio Jazz Singer Incorporates Laughter Yoga Chant!
    Lisa Clark, jazz singer from Columbus, Ohio recently recorded the live section of her second CD, The Colossal Joy Project. A musical recording that is infused with a colossal amount of powerful joy and positivity. Her mission is to offer this to those who are suffering, to create a gateway back to their inner blissfulness. To offer encouragement to people who want to make their lives more fulfilling. To nurture positi...
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  • Laughter Yoga For Better Sex Life Ha Ha

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:32:35
    Laughter Yoga For Better Sex Life Ha Ha
    Jagat Singh Bisht ,CLYT, India: I have been hesitating for quite a while to share what follows here because the subject remains hush-hush and taboo in the land of Kamasutra and Osho even today. We had a gentleman, on the wrong side of fifties, in our laughter sessions who was very punctual – a rare virtue in this part of the world – and sincere. He went through and through the literature available on Lau...
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  • Dr.Sung-Kai Lin leading a Laughter Yoga

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:31:26
    Dr.Sung-Kai Lin leading a Laughter Yoga
    Laughter Yoga In Taiwan Hospital, John, Taiwan: On one of my visits to the Kuan-ming Laughter Club, a lady very excitedly told me how her physician Dr. Lin recommended her to join a Laughter Club for quick recovery from illness. He even showed her some photos of Laughter clubs and explained the benefit of laughter exercise. I was amazed and very happy to hear this as most doctors will not waste their precious OPD...
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  • 1st African Laughter Yoga & Healing Conference

    Friday, 15 March 2013 08:26:36
    1st African Laughter Yoga & Healing Conference
    The African Laughter Institute Presents: 1ST AFRICAN LAUGHTER YOGA AND ALTERNATE HEALING CONFERENCE Humour, Hope and Healing In these stressful modern times, we are becoming less conscious of our mind, body and spirit wellbeing. This results in a poor quality of life that affects us on so many different levels, such as our physical wellbeing, mental functioning, un-balanced professional and personal life, an...
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  • First Laughter Yoga World Congress In Mexico City - October 21-23, 2011
    The Laughter Yoga community in Mexico and Latin America has organized the first ever Spanish Laughter Yoga Congress later this year. Come and enjoy this great event in which LY professionals from around the world will joyfully share a weekend full of laughing, learning and living. Get renewed with this experience that will change your life forever. Besides Laughter Yoga sessions and meditations there will be other sup...
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  • Laughter Flash Mobs – A New Rage In UK

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 11:15:56
    Laughter Flash Mobs – A New Rage In UK
    Manda Stretch: Flash mobs are becoming a rage in the UK currently. A group of people turn up at an arranged venue e.g. coffee shop and proceed to drink coffee and then on a pre-arranged cue all get up and go on to sing, dance, whatever. They then sit down and carry on drinking coffee as if nothing happened. I am facilitating laughter flash mob happenings at various locations around Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh...
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  • Laughter Club Tour of New England in the Fall!

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 11:14:08
    Laughter Club Tour of New England in the Fall!
    Join laughter buddies old and new on the first Laughter Club Tour of New England (USA) at the most glorious time of the year: as the abundant woodlands take on their magnificent Autumn colors. Share the joyride of a lifetime on this unforgettable adventure October 16-23, 2011. We will laugh our way through forests in the glorious splendor of their fall display; cruise on sparkling, spring-fed lakes; and rollick aboa...
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  • Opera Singer learns “Life Is Too Short To Laugh Too Little”
    Lainie Diamond, Houston, TX, USA : I first heard about Laughter Yoga in 2008, when I was living in New York City. In 2010, I relocated to Houston and created ‘Houston, we have Laughter!’ - The first completely free, open to the general public weekly meeting Laughter Yoga Club in Houston. I am a professional Mezzo-Soprano classical music and opera singer. Over the course of several years, my career in N...
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  • Laughter Yoga At St. Luke's Hospital – Boon For Arthritic Patients
    The combination of natural pain killers with movements in laughter exercises makes Laughter Yoga a powerful tool for physiotherapy. It offers respite from arthritic stress and provides both physical and mental relief. Endorphins released as a result of laughter help in reducing the intensity of pain in those suffering from arthritis, spondylitis and muscular spasms of the body. The release of these beta endorphins als...
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  • Caribbean Laughter Cruise

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:56:10
    Caribbean Laughter Cruise
    After touring South Africa on a’ Laughter Bus’ now join the Caribbean ‘Laughter Cruise’ starting from Miami from October 29 – November 5, 2011. Passing through Grand Turk, St. Thomas, San Juan P.R., Half Moon Cay, it will be one of its kind fun- filled vacations with loads of laughter and activities featuring daily Laughter Yoga sessions. Laughter professionals aboard will share their...
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  • Laughter Yoga Engages The Law Of Attraction

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:50:27
    Laughter Yoga Engages The Law Of Attraction
    Lauren MacLauclan: My sister is a Laughter Yoga Leader. She took it up a short time after her husband died when she was having a hard time dealing with the sadness and loneliness of her loss. Now, just for your information, she has always been on the leading edge of anything new in the alternative health field—espousing and using various nutritional products and “new age” healing modalities years bef...
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  • Laughter Yoga Helped Us to Lighten Up

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:47:12
    Laughter Yoga Helped Us to Lighten Up
    It is very easy for everyone to laugh when the times are good, but it is very difficult to laugh when the going gets tough. Read this report by laughter professionals Linda and Bill Hamaker from New England about how they overcame the obstacles that came up when their big laughter event, which is usually held outdoors, had to be moved indoors due to bad weather. Not ruffled by the change or the difficulties, they stil...
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  • My Experiment with Laughter Meditation, Wow!!!

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:44:17
    My Experiment with Laughter Meditation, Wow!!!
    Here is a report by laughter professional Dave who experimented with various disciplines of yoga and alternative therapies for well-being and realized that Laughter Yoga is the best remedy for complete body – mind wellness. This is because it is a unique exercise routine which does not require humor, jokes or comedy. It is simple and anyone can do it and reap enormous benefits. Dr. Dave MacQuarrie, Certified ...
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  • Japan's First Laughter Club Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary
    Mary Tadokoro, Certifed LY Teacher: Tokyo Laughter Club celebrated it fifth anniversary on June 4th, 2011, with an all-day event attended by about 100 laughter lovers, leaders and teachers from all over Japan, a testament to how the laughter yoga movement has spread from this one club to over 150 clubs, 150 teachers and over 2000 leaders throughout Japan in just five years time. Founded in June 2006 by Mary Tado...
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  • Launching New Revised Book - Laugh For No Reason

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:22:25
    Launching New Revised Book - Laugh For No Reason
    New Revised Edition Of Laugh For No Reason It gives me great pleasure to launch the new edition of my book ‘Laugh For No Reason’ which has long since been the most comprehensive study of Laughter Yoga and its many health benefits, and has helped to change the lives of tens and thousands of people around the world. This book is an improvement over the last edition of 2007 as I have incorporated many ...
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  • London Council Employs Laughter Yoga Teacher

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:20:31
    London Council Employs Laughter Yoga Teacher
    In keeping with the rapid growth of the laughter movement and increasing awareness about the benefits of Laughter Yoga, a London Council has hired Liza Moon as a Laughter Yoga teacher in their effort to bring more laughter and joy into the lives of people. Here is Liza’s story: Liza Moon, London, United Kingdom: This is all quite exciting! I’m not sure that Waltham Forest, the London borough council wh...
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  • Laughter Yoga Community Festival (Comfest 2011) USA

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:06:00
    Laughter Yoga Community Festival (Comfest 2011) USA
    A report by Meg Scott, USA Comfest - a festival of laughter is celebrated by the Laughter Yoga community in Columbus, Ohio. It started as a small neighborhood street fair in 1972 for community-minded activists, and is still going strong. A three day event, many people come for the free non-stop live music as local bands perform on stages throughout the 32 acre Goodale Park in the historic Victoria village and you ca...
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  • Laughter Yoga Spreading In Jamaica

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:04:39
    Laughter Yoga Spreading In Jamaica
    Laughter Yoga is fast catching on in Jamaica as Winnie Anderson- Brown started the first Laughter Club at Shortwood Teachers College, (an educational institution for training teachers) in October 2004 before being trained and certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader, by Dr. Madan Kataria, in Atlanta 2005 and a Laughter Yoga Teacher in Miami 2007. Winnie has conducted several Laughter Yoga sessions and presentations at ...
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  • Laughter Yoga in National Massage Magazine

    Thursday, 14 March 2013 09:55:28
    Laughter Yoga in National Massage Magazine
    Giggle Your Way to Health with Laughter Yoga!  By Jill Johnson Jill and Dan Johnson, Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offer laughter-leader trainings, corporate wellness programs, laughter life coaching, laughter therapy and laughter resources through their business Joyful Living. They are dynamic presenters who specialize in uplifting and experiential presentations tailored to f...
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  • Tour South Africa In A Laughter Bus… Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha
    South Africa has introduced a unique concept of touring the scenic country aboard a ‘Laughter Bus” This exceptional concept of combining tourism with education and experiential experiences of Laughter Yoga was initiated by Martin Combrinck, founder of Laughter for Africa and Laughter Yoga Professional. He believes that this tour is an ideal way to spread the word of laughter and generate more awareness abo...
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