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  • Laughter Yoga Helps Students Loosen Up

    Friday, 12 December 2014 18:36:55
    Laughter Yoga Helps Students Loosen Up
    Students of a Creative Thinking class in Central Virginia Community College recently enjoyed a Laughter Yoga session with imaginary cocktails and milkshakes in hand, as they laughed like super villains! It helped them to get out of the constant rational mode of thinking and loosen up a bit. Laughter instructor Kristin Jo Freed taught them to laugh on demand while acting out little scenarios like bowing to a partner ...
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  • Laughter Yoga Tour Through Mysore

    Wednesday, 10 December 2014 15:26:47
    Laughter Yoga Tour Through Mysore
    Here is an interesting report from Dr. Annelie Gareis and Thomas Topolanek, two volunteering Laughter Yoga teachers at Laughter University in Bangalore, who went on a discovery trip to Mysore, a beautiful city in South India. Their Adventure: Annelie and Thomas: Our Indian driver brought us safely to Mysore. On the way we came in touch with local food, having breakfast in a traditional restaurant. Until now,...
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  • Laughter Ideal For Age-Related Memory Loss

    Monday, 8 December 2014 18:25:39
    Laughter Ideal For Age-Related Memory Loss
    According to a recent study conducted in Loma Linda University, California, laughter is the best medicine to improve memory loss in  lder individuals, as it helps reduce the neuron damage caused by "stress hormone" cortisol. It is well known that too much stress can negatively affect health. It worsens memory and learning ability in elderly individuals, as it increases the production of stress hormone cortisol....
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  • “LOVE AND PSYCHOLOGY”: Laughter Yoga for the Amelia  Association of Women with Mastectomies Nov. 20Th,  2014
    ADOS AMELIA Conference On N ovember 20th, 2014, Laughter Yoga will be invited to the ADOS Amelia Conference (Association of Women with Mastectomies), in Italy . The Conference title is “LOVE AND PSYCHOLOGY”. It will be held in the Museum Picture Gallery, at 3 p.m. This event was planned in the Prevention Week, from November 17th to November 21st, 2014, whose title is “….Think of yourself...
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  • The international congress of laughter yoga with Dr Kataria
    6/7/8 March 2015,  the Laughter yoga 20th Birthday Congress  with Dr Kataria in France, near Paris. " I promise you a fantastic congress in France" Dr Kataria By choosing to participate, you are sure to live an incredible and historical event On this special congress, laughter yoga specialists, positive experts... will be there. 3 reasons to come at the congress : - this is a historical and unique e...
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  • And Everyone Laughed With Him…

    Tuesday, 11 November 2014 12:24:30
    And Everyone Laughed With Him…
    Millions of listeners mourn the recent demise of Tom Magliozzi, a co-host with his brother Ray of National Public Radio's "Car Talk" show. These brothers were the originators of one of NPR’s longest running and most popular shows which made people laugh each time they came on air. The show had callers asking questions which were varied and at times took amazing turns! But the replies were solid, once the guys ...
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  • Laughter Yoga Exercises Ideal For Stress Busting

    Friday, 7 November 2014 17:00:40
    Laughter Yoga Exercises Ideal For Stress Busting
    There is more to laughter than what we assume. It has healing properties due to the release of feel good hormones, which reduce anxiety, boost cognitive function and combat depression. As adults, we have a tendency to dwell on the previous and worry about the future. However, Laughter Yoga is one such method that helps us to disconnect from the past, while keeping us in the present. The act of fake laughter might ap...
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  • Laughter Yoga In The City Of Joy!

    Thursday, 6 November 2014 16:06:35
    Laughter Yoga In The City Of Joy!
    Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Well, the people of Kolkata, definitely seem to believe in it, as the city has a vibrant culture of Laughter Clubs. Laughter Yoga in Kolkata has spread rapidly as more and more people are becoming aware of the several health benefits of joining a Laughter Club and practicing Laughter Yoga. According to a recently published report, the city has around 50 clubs with an average o...
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  • Laughter Yoga With Bristol Laughter Club

    Tuesday, 4 November 2014 12:46:23
    Laughter Yoga With Bristol Laughter Club
    Recently, on his visit to England, Dr. Kataria addressed the Bristol Laughter Club, the oldest one outside India and conducted a successful laughter session with the members. There were around 40 invitees who joined in to do various laughter exercises with the guru himself. But, for some, this was not as easy as it seemed. Many felt they could not laugh without any reason. However, Dr. Kataria explained the concept ...
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  • Laughter Helping People With Chronic Kidney Disease

    Monday, 27 October 2014 17:35:17
    Laughter Helping People With Chronic Kidney Disease
    A recent report states that Laughter Yoga and Zumba, a type of fitness dance, are great for people with chronic kidney disease. Far from assuming that people on dialysis are too sick to do physical exercise, Associate Professor Paul Bennett, from Monash Health and Deakin University, says that both these exercise routines will definitely improve the quality of life for such patients. He pointed out that some dialysis...
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  • Laughter Yoga In Vietnam

    Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:33:04
    Laughter Yoga In Vietnam
    The people of Vietnam take their outdoor activities very seriously. In fact, Hanoi offers a lot of free spaces for activities like outdoor music and dance classes, buying and selling of old bikes as well as conducting laughter sessions. Every morning, hundreds of people gather in a public place to look at each other and double up with laughter for 45 minutes. They are members of the Laughter Yoga Club, a physical ex...
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  • Laughter For All – It Can Crack Anyone

    Tuesday, 21 October 2014 15:07:13
    Laughter For All – It Can Crack Anyone
    Teena mIller, a Laughter Yoga teacher and cancer survivor, realized that laughter can help anyone; whether they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, a bad back or a psychological condition. Even a bitter war veteran can be cracked with laughter. For someone who has survived breast and skin cancer with a huge grin, perhaps teaching others stress reduction via laughter was inevitable. What started by rea...
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  • Laugh Your Cares Away With Laughter

    Thursday, 16 October 2014 14:18:19
    Laugh Your Cares Away With Laughter
    Lainie Diamond a professional mezzo-soprano from New York discovered she had lost her laughter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She had fallen into a spectrum of depression and did not know how to get out of it. "I was ready to laugh more," she said. "I think human beings often realize they need to laugh more when things are getting too serious." Diamond soon found a Laughter Yoga instructor Vishwa Prakash and...
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  • Laughter Yoga Helps Melbourne's Seniors To Good Mental Health
    Laughter Yoga instructor Carolyn Nicholson gathered a group of 40 seniors for their first Laughter Yoga class in Melbourne. Starting with the chant, and progressing to basic clapping and swaying movements, she led the class into a relaxed and childlike atmosphere. When participants were asked to move around the room and approach one another performing pretend electric-shock handshakes, the laughter really began to bub...
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  • Laughter Yoga At Virginia Tech

    Wednesday, 8 October 2014 09:22:48
    Laughter Yoga At Virginia Tech
    Laughter Yoga has already proven to be a great tool to reduce the stress and pressures faced by students. In fact, Virginia Tech has introduced a ‘laughter class’ in the morning, which has become the happiest workout for the students. Tod Whitehurst who conducts this yoga class says, "We take advantage of the fact that laughter is contagious. Once you start getting laughter going, it usually continues on.&...
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  • LAUGHTER YOGA ITALIAN CONGRESS from 17th to 19th October
    For the first time Dr. Kataria will hold his " Silence & Laughter Spiritual Retreat ” outside of India, in San Leo (Italy) from 14th to 17th October . Immediately after the Retreat, he will attend the Italian Laughter Yoga Congress from 17th to 19th, as a Special Guest of Honor along with his wife Madhuri. The Congress will be attended by several guests from all over the world and will be 3 full...
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  • Laughter Improves Memory And Lowers Stress

    Friday, 26 September 2014 15:44:11
     Laughter Improves Memory And Lowers Stress
    Laughter Yoga with its several health benefits is fast becoming a worldwide movement and has caught the attention of health researchers around the globe. A recent study on the effect of laughter on memory and stress levels found a wide range of health benefits including memory improvement and lower stress. Cheryl Ann Oberg from Calgary has seen many of these benefits. Having worked with people in many walks of life ...
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  • Mission To Spread Laughter & Joy

    Thursday, 25 September 2014 18:01:48
    Mission To Spread Laughter & Joy
    As a part of Laughter Yoga exchange program, Laughter ambassador K M Thomas from Bahrain recently toured Vietnam to spread his message of joy and peace among patients at the municipal Police Hospital in Hanoi. He worked with the hospital's disabled and elderly residents hoping to effect a positive change in them. Laughter Yoga has many benefits for people who need special care; it can improve flexibility, strength, ba...
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  • Laughter Yoga In Denmark

    Tuesday, 23 September 2014 11:05:34
    Laughter Yoga In Denmark
    CNN recently did a special show investigating the happiness quotient in Denmark. Their award winning chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, met Thomas Flindt, the Scandinavian Laughter Guru who felt that Denmark is the happiest country on earth. Together they discussed the power of laughter, and how important it is to embrace laughter in daily life. Thomas Flindt showed Dr. Sanjay how laughter increases happin...
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  • Discover now the Laughter Yoga Birthday Video !

    Monday, 22 September 2014 20:51:18
    Discover now the Laughter Yoga Birthday Video !
    From 6th to 8th March 2015, unique event : the first Laughter Yoga Congress and it 20th birthday celebration in France. Discover now the Laughter Yoga 20th Birthday video, in which you’ll see Madan Kataria; Madhuri and Fabrice Loizeau in a cartoon version ! And to know everything, about this new event; it’s here :
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  • Laughter Yoga – Best Antidote For Depression A report by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo
    Depression, according to recent studies, is a leading cause of death in this modern-super-fast-paced-highly- revolutionized-tech world we live in. The antidote to depression is a happy, positive mindset. When one laughs, endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones, are released, that make a person feel good and happy. The demise of Robin Williams made me realize how Laughter Yoga can greatly help lift depr...
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  • Laughter Yoga In Italian School

    Thursday, 11 September 2014 16:20:25
    Laughter Yoga In Italian School
    Maria Ausilia Vaccari, Leader &Teacher Laughter Yoga International: My Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Project for children has now become my mission. For the last month, I have been conducting laughter classes for all students and teachers in the primary school in Vercelli. It was a great experience as everyone was very enthusiatic and soon became involved in dancing, singing and laughing. Laughter Meditation was the p...
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  • Laughter – A Great Healer For Loss And Grief

    Wednesday, 10 September 2014 12:23:59
    Laughter – A Great Healer For Loss And Grief
    Psychotherapist and Grief Expert Gloria Horsley, while talking about the recent demise of famous actress and comedienne Joan Rivers, reaffirms that laughter is a great tool to cope with one’s grief and sadness. Though it may seem inappropriate to laugh in that situation, it is a quick healer as it allows free flow of emotions. It diffuses all the pain while releasing blocked emotions thereby helping people to ac...
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  • Doctor Kataria in France in 2015 ! Register !

    Tuesday, 9 September 2014 20:19:27
    Doctor Kataria in France in 2015 ! Register !
    The first Laughter Yoga Congress in France : 6th to 8th March 2015 ! Doctor Madan Kataria, the laughter yoga founder and Fabrice Loizeau are organizing it and they will celebrate this method’s 20th birthday together. On this special occasion, laughter yoga specialists, positive experts and wellness professionals all gather for you to make you live a fantastic experience around laughter yoga ! Join them ! The ...
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  • Laughter Yoga In Tehran

    Monday, 1 September 2014 10:14:27
    Laughter Yoga In Tehran
    Laughter Yoga is fast catching on in Tehran, which today is a somber place as people face political suppression, economic hardships, and culture wars. These make life more stressful than need be. Many Iranians have found relief in Laughing Yoga class led by Mahro Sameni, one of Iran's 250 laugh instructors who said, “Today, unfortunately we forget the child within us; we need to find that and shut the rest of ...
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