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Presenting Laughter Yoga To Medical Professionals

On the 26th May this year, I was asked to come to our Nation’s Capital, Canberra, and present for one and a half hours to an elite group of 100 medical students on Laughter Yoga. They were about to embark on a four day Conference to discuss a range of issues around health

This was like a dream come true. Who would ever have thought that a group of such learned medical professionals would want to hear from me? Panic set in as I asked myself “What will I say? Will they accept Laughter Yoga as a health option, or reject it as a threat or hocus pocus? What medical questions will they ask me that I won’t know the answer to? Will they, with their logical left brain structured thinking, understand something as right brain as Laughter Yoga?”

It was then that I realized that these are the questions that I, and any other people presenting to different groups about Laughter Yoga, should be asking myself anyway. The answer was simple. Do your homework, be clear about your message, and be professional in your approach. There is an old Professional Speaker’s saying that goes “90% of the success of your presentation, depends on the 100% of work that you do before you even get on to the stage”

The following three steps helped to make it an outstanding success

  • I really researched the “known” medical benefits of Laughter Yoga. There is much written that is experiential, but not nearly as much that is medically evidence basedAsk the experts. I called our very own medical expert Dr Kataria. Not only did he give me the wealth of his 18 years experienced, but told me the terminology to use that would resonate with themAnd finally, I trusted the Laughter Yoga process. This is a tried and tested method to get anyone to “Laugh for no Reason”, heartily, unconditionally, and consistently
  • On the plane flight back, I was convinced that we are on a winner with Laughter Yoga. We are now being taken seriously by a variety of groups as a real health option. How far we want to take it is in our hands. So let’s go for it folks ! ! !
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