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Book - 7 Teasers to get you out of bed By Linda LeVier

Book - 7 Teasers to get you out of bed By Linda LeVier

This little, inspirational, how-to-book helps people get going in the morning with vitality, energy and clear thinking.

The teasers start with typical wiggling and stretching in bed, but add breathing and vocalization tips to increase the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood, leading to a wide awake body and brain.

While the message is serious, the words get a bit silly, helping people laugh at themselves at home. They may start to use laughter to help them travel the bumpy roads of LIFE.

Author Linda LeVier used laughter to help her deal with heart problems and heal after receiving a heart transplant in 2007.

After reading the book, Dr. Kataria said, “I loved your book short and sweet. Very clear message!!! Very inspiring."


Dr K

52 pages

$2.99 for a Download of the book through Kindle Books at Amazon.com

$5.00 plus shipping and handling for a soft cover book available at LinkingLaughingHearts.org


Linda LeVier


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