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T-Shirts - Laughter Yoga University By Jeffrey Briar

Endorsed by Dr. Madan Kataria

Sure to start a lively conversation, these Laughter University long sleeve shirts can be worn alone, or are heavy enough to look like a university sweatshirt (get a size larger). Show your support for Dr. Kataria’s vision for a University offering training in Life Skills like: laughter, dance, theatre, joy, playful games, music --- even a Department of Gibberish!

Friends, neighbors and strangers will stop you, smiling, and say - “Wow! Wherever that is, that’s where I want to go to school!”

Designed by Jeffrey Briar and heartily endorsed by Dr. Kataria. Available in many sizes and colors - also short sleeve shirts and kids’ sizes.

Another Quality Product from The Laughter Yoga Institute


CLICK HERE TO ORDER direct from the Manufacturer (USA)

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Laughing Yoga Alone with Dr Kataria