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Audio CD - LY Anthem By "Les Laughettes"- Gabi Fink and Thomas Topolanek

Audio CD - LY Anthem By

On this Cd you find the LaughterYoga-Anthem sung and played by the Laughterclub of St.Peter/Hart (UpperAustria), you also find a sing-along version and a Gibberish version on it.

"During my teacher training in Interlaken Switzerland in 2010 I expressed my desire to create a LaughterYoga Anthem I asked the group if anyone can help me with that. Within a month's time Thomas from Austria took up this challenge and created first version of it. Along with the help of LYT Gabi Fink, her husband and friends this song was created.

This anthem is a beautiful expression of how laughter yoga originated from India developed and how it is spreading joy and happiness around the world helping many people. I am happy to launch this CD to the world of Laughter Yoga. I congratulate Thomas, Gabi her husband Rainer & their friends, who have taken the initiative to create this CD. I wish them all the Best.. "

Dr Madan Kataria Founder of the Laughter Yoga Clubs Movement

For more.... http://www.finkin.at/kontakt.htm

€ 7,77. 0,77 per Cd go to Dr. Kataria to help building up the LY-University.

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