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Audio CD - HOLY HYSTERICS By Laura Gentry

Audio CD - HOLY HYSTERICS By Laura Gentry

Join the laughing pastor, Reverend Laura Gentry, in this faith-filled, laughing, dancing, singing, praising, whooping with joy, go bananas workout to make your walk with the Lord a silly one. An interactive, Christian resource, this 75 minute disc includes:

Bible Study: An exploration of holy scripture highlighting God's desire to turn your mourning into dancing, to clothe you with joy

Laughter Workout: A faith-filled set of playful laughing and breathing exercises led by Pastor Laura and demonstrated by a group of fabulous laughters laugh along and cultivate the fruit of joy.

Silly Singing: 13 old favorite Sunday school songs and hymns sung by a choir in an exuberant style sing and dance along to get in touch with your childlike faith.

Guided Meditation: Relax into the peace that passes all understanding with this happy guided meditation to help you rest in God s love.

Pastor Laura Gentry is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). A dynamic motivational speaker, she leads faith-based, singing, dancing, laughing seminars around the country and has been named a Laughter Ambassador by Laughter Club International for her creative contributions to World Laughter.

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