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Laughter Yoga And Anger Management

Laughter Yoga And Anger Management

Laughter Yoga – Best Anger Management Technique
Laughter Yoga is the fastest, simplest and the easiest way to work out anger management. It helps to relieve all stress and generates positive emotions by increasing the levels of positive hormones which help in dissipating anger.

How Laughter Yoga  helps

Stress / frustration: The inability to fulfill goals, professional and interpersonal failure are some of the causes that can lead to feelings of anger and resentment. Confrontation and conflict is the outcome of anger that is expressed in aggressive behavior and hostility. Anger also alienates people who might otherwise be willing to work with you on a solution. 

Laughter Yoga Defuses Tension

Laughter Yoga helps us cope with challenges and conflict better because it gives us a better perspective. It shrinks the hurts and upsets of everyday life to a smaller, if not inconsequential size. Issues appear less overwhelming. We are touched by the issue, but not contained by it. If we pay too much attention to our issues, they can become our focus. If we are able to laugh about things they diminish. Even annoying traits of people we interact with suddenly seem less important and become bearable (or even endearing) when we laugh about them.

Laughter makes us feel good because it defuses painful emotions like fear and anger by releasing them. That release can prevent or stop conflicts, ease tension and help us to see and understand others people’s point of view. Laughter makes us generous to a level where we feel better giving than receiving. It lifts us up and makes life worth living. 

Perceived threat: Anger is a result of some grievance that is either real or perceived. It could be due to several factors such as past experiences, behavior learned from others, genetic predispositions, and a lack of problem-solving ability. Sometimes anger and frustration are caused by very real and inescapable problems in our lives.

Laughter has the power to mitigate the damage done by feelings of anger. It releases endorphins or feel good hormones that generate feelings of safety and comfort. The breathing pattern in Laugher Yoga using the diaphragm helps in alleviating in negative emotions and changing the perception of people. It enables one to cope with reality and helps to face and handle the problem. Laughter makes us feel comfortable in any situation. Past and current embarrassments seem to evaporate.

Lack of communication: In anger people tend to jump to conclusions and usually the decisions are clouded with irrationality and lack of reasoning. They are in a heightened emotional state and are unable to come to terms with responses and actions, which invariably are out of sync with normalcy.

Laughter Yoga creates a positive energy originating from positive thoughts, emotions and feelings. It uplifts the atmosphere making it conducive to a positive state of mind. Unconditional, thought-free laughter and non-judgmental communication with other members of the laughter group creates a field of spiritual energy resulting in relaxed and uplifted feelings.

It is hard to remain in conflict with someone when you are laughing. Power struggles cause us to focus on our own needs and ignore the needs of others. Laughter interrupts the power struggle. Laughter allows us to be more open with each other. Laughter is a pathway to unconditional love. Laughter can always be relied on to help unknot a tense situation.

Brings Emotional Consistency: Apart from aggressive expression, in anger people lose their emotional balance and can resort to inappropriate social behavior leading to tension and awkwardness. Recent research has validated that the body stores emotions, not the mind. The painless cathartic technique of Laughter Yoga helps to access these pent up emotions and release them thus leading the way in easing controls on emotion and often opens the door to crying and deep anger. This is extremely beneficial in mitigating workplace anger that can prove detrimental to productivity and profitability.

Laughter often serves as a more acceptable way to approach one's angry feelings. Fear represses so much anger that laughter actually serves the dual purpose of first releasing the fear of anger and then the anger itself. It provides both a physical and psychological release, and it is harmless with no negative effects on the people around us.

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