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Laughter Yoga For Emotional Balance

Emotional stress is caused by bad relationship with people at home and at work. The root cause of all emotional stress is:

• Inability to handle your own emotions or other people’s emotions.
• This leads to conflict, disharmony and bad relationships either at home or at work.
• This emotional imbalance affects your happiness and work performance.
• Even if you are highly skilled or talented, you cannot perform to your maximum levels if you are emotionally imbalanced.

Laughter yoga helps to develop your emotional balance in two ways:

a) Releasing pent up emotions (catharsis): As children, we express our emotions fully but in the process of growing up, we keep suppressing our feelings and emotions in order to avoid any conflict with others. These blocked emotions perpetually make us feel like pressure cookers. Laughter yoga works like a safety valve to release these emotions in a non-violent way without affecting other people.

b) Laughter Yoga helps to develop playful behaviour which is the key to express your feelings and emotions and develop emotional intelligence. The number of social interactions, a person has each day, is a direct indicator of his health, wellness and long life. As children we play a lot and that helps to develop social skills and ability to express our emotions, but as we grow up our playfulness gets restricted due to environmental influences and seriousness of life.

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