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Laughter Yoga can Change Mood States

Laughter Yoga can Change Mood States

We are surrounded by negativity almost every day of our lives. Depression and tension have become the order of the day. It becomes a challenge to live life happily and to keep a positive state of mind. We are caught up in many depressing and stressful situations that influence our mindset and affect our behaviour and performance.

Laughter and breathing exercises can change your mood within minutes by releasing neurotransmitters from your brain cells called Endorphins which are known as “Feel good hormones”. They bring good feelings in our bodies and once you are feeling good within, you can work and perform to your maximum.

• Your mood is the most important factor in determining the way you perceive people and happenings in the outside world and how you are going to react to them.
• If your mood is good, it will entirely change your attitude to the outer world.
• It will bring hope and optimism in whatever you do in your business, personal and social life.
• With good mood and positive mental attitude you can handle negative people and situations in a much better way.

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