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Laughter Yoga Checks Diabetes

It has been scientifically proven that Laughter Yoga keeps the blood sugar levels regulated and prevents the progression of diabetes. It lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen level in the body, elevates mood, brings hope, enhances communication and most notably it boosts the immune system, the master key to good health.

Laughter regulates blood sugar

Increased blood sugar can cause major complications for diabetics. If glucose is not kept in check, diabetics are more at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, and blindness. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin to control the body's glucose levels, while in type 1, the body stops producing insulin or produces too little to regulate blood sugar.

Keiko Hayashi, of the University of TsukubaJapan in his study on type 2 diabetes says, “A chuckle may help the body process blood sugar.” He found that laughter lowered blood sugar levels after a meal. Though he cannot yet explain the laughter-glucose connection, he says that laughter affects the neuroendocrine system, which monitors the body's glucose levels. 

How Laughter Yoga Helps

Sedentary lifestyle: Physical inactivity and lack of exercise is related to obesity and rise in sugar levels. Laughter is an exercise which acts on the body and the mind. It has the ability to improve mobility and flexibility. It provides an effective cardio workout and accelerates heart rate faster than other forms of exercise. It provides an effective mid-body and also an aerobic workout that leaves one feeling energized.

Obesity: One of the functions of insulin is to stimulate hunger. Therefore, higher insulin levels lead to increased hunger and eating. Stress and compulsive eating disorders also add to excessive weight gain and heightened sugar levels. Extended hearty laughter has been proved as a tool to regulate blood sugar as it massages the endocrine glands responsible for glucose production.

Mental status: Agitation, unexplained irritability, inattention, extreme lethargy, or confusion can all increase sugar levels. Laughter Yoga is the only exercise that impacts positively and directly on body, mind and emotions. Ten minutes of hearty laughter causes the body to release a cocktail of hormones and neuropeptides that could cost thousands of dollars over the counter. This ‘laughter cocktail’ has profound influences.

High blood pressure: Any kind of stress and immobility can lead to hypertension. Laughter typically reduces high blood pressure and helps to bring about a sense of well being.

As an exercise, laughter helps to alleviate physical symptoms of irritability, anger and agitation. A hearty laughter can get rid of these emotions and bring a person to normalcy thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

Laughter Yoga is also auto regulatory. It effectively balances hormones, circulation, the lymphatic and the endocrinal system and boosts the immune system, thereby providing a sense of well being and inducing better health


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