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Laughter Yoga Foundation

Laughter Yoga Mission

Laughter Movement which started in 1995 is a social movement where anyone can join in for free. A non-religious and non- political organization, it aims at connecting people from different cultures and countries to spread Good Health, Joy and World Peace.

One Million Social Laughter Clubs!

To accomplish this mission, we set up Laughter Yoga International (LYI), while in India we have the Laughter Club International (LCI). Both these organizations avidly work towards generating an awareness of the unique concept of Laughter Yoga, and its manifold health benefits. They aspire to set up a million Laughter Clubs which will connect all Laughter Club members from around the world, into an extended family.

No Control on Laughter Clubs, No Posts, No Hierarchy

All Laughter Clubs are individual entities and are free functioning units. They are not under control of any other organization, group or institution, anywhere in the world. Though there are no rules and regulations that oversee the conduct of Laughter Clubs, we do offer guidelines for functioning. The Laughter Yoga Movement recognizes no hierarchy, positions or titles.

Aims & Objectives

  • To set up social Laughter Clubs available to one and all, free of cost.
  • To conduct scientific studies and research work and prove the efficacy of laughter and how it affects social, mental and physical well being of people.
  • To publish journals and set up libraries of books, video cassettes, DVDs, CDs and other information on Laughter Yoga.
  • To train people as Laughter Teachers and Leaders and impart comprehensive knowledge about Laughter Yoga so that they can set up Laughter Clubs in countries where people cannot afford trainings and coaching.
  • To set up Laughter Yoga clubs for underprivileged people and those with special needs like blind schools, physically and mentally challenged, deaf and mute children, street children, orphanages, schools and colleges, old age homes, prisons and cancer self-help groups and for multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases groups.
  • Depression is number one sickness today and despite being more prosperous, the whole world seems to be sinking into depression. Laughter Yoga is a powerful antidote for depression.
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