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What is Free and What is Fee Based in Laughter Yoga Clubs

Laughter Clubs are a worldwide network of social clubs run by volunteers under the aegis of Laughter yoga International based in Bangalore, India. People get together in groups in public places or indoor venues and practice Laughter yoga exercises along with breathing and stretching exercises to reap the enormous health benefits. This organization is fully independent, not for profit, non political and non religious.

What’s Free

A part of our mission statement says that Laughter yoga Clubs are social clubs that are free for all anywhere in the world. We do not charge any membership fee anywhere. However, members of the club should share expenses towards hiring of venue as voluntary donation. The leader must inform the members about the cost of venue hire so that people can donate accordingly. You can clarify the amount of suggested donation. That means if a person can't pay he or she still can come to laughter club. If you are charging a must fee, then it can't be called a laughter club, it will be a laughter class.

What’s Fee Based

Outside of the Laughter Clubs, any Training/ Coaching conducted by laughter leaders or teachers for personal and business development are chargeable as per the skills, abilities and reputation of the teachers. Members are however under no obligation to attend such Sessions, and may do so only when convinced of their value.

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