Achieving Emotional Balance through Spirituality

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Depression, sadness, anger, frustration, drug addiction and alcoholism all stem from an inability to effectively deal with life's problems and an inability to express pent-up emotions. This is caused by our having too many wants and desires, and unrealistic expectations of comforts and pleasures, and an expected sense of gratification.

To deal with emotions we need to understand how our thinking mind and our emotional mind differ.

Our thinking mind is also known as our intellect or logical and rationalizing mind. It judges and evaluates what is good and bad for us. It is slow in making decisions and is very calculative. It does not believe in taking risks. Decision-making is based on past experiences, value systems and our knowledge-base.

Our emotional mind is a feeling mind, which is very powerful to deciding what we need. It can be impulsive and illogical. Our emotional mind is quicker to make decisions, often deciding in a split second without rational thought of consequences.

The emotional mind is like a double-edged sword. It can be of immense value if managed in a balanced way. It is very creative and its powers are unlimited. Creativity and new ideas originate from our emotional mind.

On the other hand, impulsive emotional decisions can cause a great deal of inner conflict and conflict with other people. This can lead to emotional imbalance and relationship problems.

Our emotional mind is hugely powerful, but it needs to be held in balance by learning to recognize emotional decisions and considering the possible consequences.

In summary:

  • Become aware of your two types of thought, and learn to discern whether you are making decisions with your emotional mind of with your rational mind.

  • If you're making a decision with your emotional mind, take time to weigh the risks and possible consequences. Learn to rationalize the emotional brain.

Over the past few years I have developed the practice of analyzing my thinking pattern and processes. To be aware of your thinking or to think about your thinking is called metacognition. This is a powerful tool through which you can learn to understand your logical and emotional decisions.


Balancing emotions is a big challenge as your emotional mind works in a non-rational way and often overrules rational thought. At one moment we can be reasonable and the very next moment we become irrational and illogical.

I believe psychotherapy and psychoanalytical methods have a limited effect. They try to bring awareness of the emotional mind and its decisions, but fail to provide a way to modulate emotional decisions and make them more intelligent.

Spirituality lends intelligent guidance to our emotional mind. At lower levels of consciousness, we are very vulnerable to emotional imbalance as our emotional mind often overrules logical and rational thought.

In contrast, when our level of consciousness is raised to a higher level we deal with emotions in a powerful and more balanced way. Instead of searching for understanding and depth in our emotional decisions, we must work hard to raise our consciousness and our level of spirituality.

Egoistic thinking focused on seeking pleasure and likes-dislikes keep our consciousness at low levels. In order to manage our emotional quotient (EQ) we need to develop our spiritual quotient (SQ).

Spiritual powers are dormant in all of us and can completely transform a person, taking the individual mind from likes-dislikes to a higher state of love, kindness and bliss. All we need to do is awaken the spiritual powers within us.

The problem with spirituality is that it needs to be liberated from religion and be demystified. There are powerful non-religious ways to increase spirituality, some of which are easy to practice.

I have made it my lifework to find fun and easy ways to help people to raise their level of spirituality. If these can become practiced on a large scale, conflicts and imbalances will begin to resolve, even at global levels, leading eventually to a peaceful and joyful world.


The following tools are effective non-religious ways to awake our spiritual powers.

Laughter and breathing practices
Yoga and Meditation
Surrender to the Universe
Following Spiritual Laws
Practicing Spiritual Values
Understanding and Transcending the Mind

This is the beginning of a series of writings on spirituality. Please post your comments and responses - I look forward to learning through community discussion.

Madan Kataria

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  • Linet ANDREA

    Dear Dr. Kataria,
    Since beginning work on an interactive installation piece called "Happiness" using false laughter, video, paintings, gym balls and mirrors for the visitors to play with, I have asked myself question after question about the emanation of joy and relative happiness, and if provoking those feelings can take us to an authentique state of presence and wellbeing.
    Answers have appeared one after the other, and now the exhibition is running, I have discovered your work at last! Here are more answers. I love what you say "fake it fake it until you make it!" An yet we remain sceptic, wanting joy to come from "nowhere"!?
    I realised after 10 years living with my partner, that I wasn't laughing any more and that I missed it biologically and psychologically. A thyroid problem later, I have decided to heal myself though laughter and with this new form of artwork, that invites the spectator to enjoy him/herself, and to make a deep journey through presence, positive thinking and laughter The pure stuff of the act of laughing. Thankyou so much for having done all this experimentation and creating those peace movement. I feel it's a right as a human being to be connected and joyful, and even a responsibility to humankind and the planet, in an easy and relaxed way.
    Thankyou for more answers...they're just flowing in! And out!
    Love to you and the whole giggling community worldwide....

    Monday, 29 April 2013 14:31:34

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