Cooking Underwear!

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Nothing Is Impossible…

My philosophy of life is that everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Every problem has a solution. All you need is a creative mind like children who play a lot and are therefore very creative. Physical playfulness leads to playful mental attitude which is the seat of creativity. In fact, whenever I have some problem, I start playing around with ideas and suddenly something pops up in my head. Ingenuity leads to beautiful insights which finally help you find a solution.

Here are two beautiful stories that were a result of my intentions to find some solution. The most important thing here is that I always believe that there is something going to happen and I will find a solution.

Cooking Underwear!

…Have you ever cooked your underwear? Well, if you haven’t just read on and find out what’s with cooking underwear…

In October, 2004, my wife Madhuri and I went to Rome on a Laughter tour. While in transit, we left most of our luggage at Frankfurt airport as later we were supposed to take a flight back home from there. We just took two handbags with few clothes to Rome.

Laughter leader Laura had arranged for a home stay with one of her friends. The owner of the house was a very sophisticated German lady in her late 30s. She was very well organised like most Germans and was a perfectionist. The house was very neat and clean and everything looked in order. Madhuri was worried about my messing up with the house. She taught me how to close the door very gently so that our host sleeping in the next room would not wake up. She instructed me to open the tap of a wash-basin in the kitchen very gently as it made a funny noise. She was always concerned about me making too much noise and disturbing the host. I tried my level best to remember her instructions, but there was no way I could minimise the sound of the toilet flush and running tap water in the bathroom.

After two days our host decided to go to her aunt’s house leaving us alone in the house. One morning, I got up at 7 am and after my laughter and breathing exercises decided to go for shower. I realised I didn’t have a spare underwear. The one I wore a day before was still wet. I had an option of wearing the same underwear for another day but I hated the thought.

Though in a bit of a dilemma, I made up my mind to dry the other one. I searched the house for any gadget that would help me in my venture. Even a hairdryer could have done the trick. But alas, I found nothing. Suddenly while looking around in the kitchen, I noticed a huge frying pan. I got a brainwave. Why not heat the pan on a low gas flame and just dry the underwear in it.I was a little worried about the elastic that might melt so I kept moving the underwear continuously and did not allow the elastic to stay in touch with the pan for any length of time. Guess what? It took five minutes to dry my underwear. Even the elastic was intact. Now’s that’s what I call being creative. I actually had a ‘crispy stir fried underwear’!!!! Ha ha

Madhuri and I were in splits but were hesitant to tell our host about this. She may not have reacted well people cooking garments in her pan!!!

This makes me believe that every one of us has infinite potential of the mind. Usually we use just a small part of our brain but if we challenge its unlimited potential and higher intelligence to flow; everything is possible.

Heating Pizza with a Hairdryer!

In 2007, I visited Canada for a workshop. One day I returned to my hotel after an evening walk and was quite famished. I thought of ordering food in my room service but it was too late and the hotel did not take any room service orders after 10 pm. Suddenly I realised I had some left over pizza in my fridge. But it was too cold and there was no microwave in the room or any other facility to warm it up.

I started challenging my mind. How can I heat a pizza?

I kept searching for something that might help. Finally, I landed up in the bathroom and my eyes went on the hairdryer hanging on the wall. Eureka! That was it! I put the hairdryer on and swirled it over my pizza. I had done it again. I laughed as I ate my dinner – nice and warm. Now, how’s that for an ingenious idea?

This article is from Dr Kataria's Book "Inner Spirit of Laughter" . You can download the E Book for just USD 8.95. To Buy Click Here.

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  • Sharon Fong

    Thank you for sharing these stories. I couldn't stop cracking up as I learned about these ingenious cooking methods. I especially like thechilarious story about cooking underwear and all the thoughts to go with it. I think you truly had "Hot Pants" for the day! I don't think I can look at or use a frying pan in the same way ever again!

    It made me think up a few more things if in a bind... How about an iron to heat up a grill cheese sandwich or fried chicken? A kettle or coffee maker to sanitize those undies?? I would love to work on some more cooking or travel ideas with you.

    PS- you both have an open invitation to stay with me when in Toronto. However, I will definitely show you where my washer and dryer is in case of those underwear emergencies!!!

    Friday, 15 November 2013 10:39:00

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