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    With growing popularity of Laughter Yoga Clubs, more and more people want to get involved, but at times they do not have a Laughter Club in their area. In such circumstances, you can easily recommend people to join the Skype Laughter club which will help them to laugh everyday and reap the benefits of Laughter Yoga.
    How to join Skype Laughter Club:
    Send a Skype contact add request to "laughterclub" to be added and get invited to the laughter session.
    The leader will send out a group message ~10 minutes before the session inviting you to join. If you missed the group invite, please send us a message that you want to join, do not call. Then the leader will call you...

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  • FAQ About Skype Laughter Club


    How can I join Skype laughterclub Add laughterclub to you Skype contacts. Be online at the time session starts.
    Where do I find the session times You can find the times on your own time zone at , or you can check the times from our Facebook page Skype laughterclub and click about. The times are shown in GMT to transfer it go to and insert your country and GMT there and it will tell you what the times are in your time zone. Or you can just look from your computer, what is the difference to GMT.
    How do I join the laughter Be online before the session starts. When you see laughterclub online, you can directly send a message to...

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